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The decision whether a credit irresponsible or rather advantageous despite credit, which must meet everyone for themselves. One risk is the accumulation of credit obligations for most people. The debt spiral is turning faster and faster. For a moment unnoticed, the actual liquidity fades. There is a feeling that there is a big budget for daily life, after all, the single rates are only small amounts. People who lose the realistic overview in this situation, are quickly in the debt trap.

However, using multiple loans can have tangible benefits. People who do not succumb to the temptation to take smaller individual commitments on the light side, for which there are good opportunities. Small loans offered for sales promotion are often equipped with particularly interesting interest rates. Instead of receiving a large installment loan from a bank, paying interest, it is even possible to save.

Which loan combinations are to be regarded as uncritical?

Which loan combinations are to be regarded as uncritical?

Every loan brings risks and brings with it restrictions. Nevertheless, loans can hardly be prevented, especially with large purchases. A typical combination of loans are long-term obligations, such as the mortgage and the vehicle loan. Whether a loan is serviced instead of the rent may have an effect on the amount of the payment. However, it is uncritical that the payment creates value at the same time. In an emergency, the house can be sold and the loan amount can be replaced easily.

A reliable vehicle is the prerequisite for professional mobility. Without a car of its own, there would probably be many more people than today without gainful employment. Although the vehicle loan is an obligation, but without a car, it is simply not possible in many households.

Loans where everyone should be careful:

Loans where everyone should be careful:

The loan despite credit can become a trap if too many loans are to serve at the same time. Especially the combination of merchandise credit with the mail order business and the account or credit card overdraft carries high risks. The obligations are slightly underestimated. To overdraw the account or use the credit card requires no consultation with the Company. The incentive to consume unchecked is great.

Initially low interest rates, with some credit cards, the overdraft is even initially interest-free, suddenly rise suddenly. Who does not want to fall into the debt trap, which uses these offers with the utmost circumspection. So the loan is not a problem for anyone despite credit.

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