Alex Freeman talks ‘Paper Mask’ and dreamy duets

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Artist Alex Freeman chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about his song “Paper Mask”.

“’Paper Mask’ame around May 2020, in your mid-forties, when we were told that pieces of paper on your face (paper mask) were going to save our lives,” she said.

“We didn’t know anything about this disease other than that it kills a lot of people but these ‘pieces of paper’ are our superheroes,” she added.

“I just thought it was ridiculous, so I wanted to write about it. As a songwriter it’s so amazing to have a subject that everyone can relate to, so I called my producers and co-writers (Cole and Bardo from Pwerhaus) and we worked on Zoom, ”she explained.

Regarding her musical and songwriting inspirations, she said, “What inspires me to make music is to study music from the past, which I can draw inspiration from. I think making music with older sound is so fantastic and adding new elements to it. ”

As an artist in the digital age, she said, “Honestly, I don’t know anything different as Gen Z, I was raised with technology. GarageBand is present on every device I have ever had. YouTube is the only encyclopedia on how to play that I know of. The internet and social media teach me that there is such a big world with extremely talented people everywhere. ”

She continued, “What I find amazing is that there are so many people in the world who are able to fulfill their dreams of making music and being an artist. Today we can all become musicians or producers from home. Last year being in quarantine and having the time and resources for people to develop their talents, skills and hobbies. I think it’s so cool that it there are now even more people capable of releasing music every day! Where are we now, 60,000 songs released daily on Spotify? ”

Freeman spoke about life in quarantine. “I was great in my forties, I feel like it was the most creative year for me. I wrote over 50 songs this year and worked nonstop,” a- she declared.

“I absolutely see the silver lining in quarantine,” she admitted. “I think it’s so important to protect yourself and your loved ones, so I strongly recommend that you take all possible precautions.”

“I know there are so many amazing people who have developed their skills and people have picked up new hobbies during this time,” she added.

She continued, “For me the silver lining was definitely doing ‘Paper Mask’ and I’m so happy it’s going so well right now. I’m so grateful to be able to release the music that I love and follow. proud. I have two more songs coming soon, just trying to decide what I want to release next. Hey, did you see the “Paper Mask” video? It was the result of spending too much ‘hours in quarantine to watch Vampire diary and Lost boys. We based it on the 1980s movie Lost boys. ”

Her biggest musical influences are quite diverse and include Christina Aguilera, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Rihanna, and Nina Simone.

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She listed Rusel, Arianna Grande, Tyler, The Creator, and Doja Cat as her dream music collaboration picks. “Ruel is a crazy, talented singer who has great lyrics and great songs,” she said. “Arianna Grande is just a queen overall and I love all of her projects. The vocals in her songs are amazing and I love the harmonies.

“Plus, Tyler, The Creator, since the contrast between his music and his voice is so amazing, he’s such an inspiring artist. Literally every Doja Cat song is a hit. I love his beats and his 808s. His phrasing and hooks create the perfect pop song, ”Freeman said.

Freeman defined the word success as: “Success means being fulfilled in your career and your life, no matter where it takes you. ”

She concluded about “Paper Mask”, “I really hope you enjoy the song and that this song is a symbol for all who are listening to know that we can overcome anything, if we unite and stay connected. to others.”

“Paper Mask” is available on Spotify by clicking here.

To learn more about Alex Freeman and her music, check out her official website and follow her on Instagram.

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