Medtronic has signed a letter of intent with Autocam Medical Device Holdings LLC to lease the Warsaw building in phases. Photo by David Slone, Times Union.

Medtronic may leave its Warsaw facility by 2024, but another medical device company is planning to move to the facility at 2500 Silveus Crossing.

According to an email provided by Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer, from Mike Hagenson, Senior Director of Government Affairs at Medtronic, “As Medtronic leaves the facility, we recently signed a letter of intent with Autocam Medical Device Holdings LLC to lease the building in phases Autocam Medical has expressed interest in hiring former Medtronic Warsaw employees as Autocam Medical’s presence in Warsaw expands.

Hagenson’s email indicates that Autocam Medical is a private contract manufacturer doing work very similar to that of Medtronic in Warsaw. They produce precision-machined surgical drills, screwdrivers, screws, plates, cutting tools and other complex, high-tech surgical implants, instruments and handpieces, as well as other device components.

The Autocam Medical website is available at

The information was provided to Medtronic employees on Wednesday, he said.

Autocam Medical CEO John C. Kennedy said in a statement, “Hearing the news from Medtronic Warsaw, we thought this could be a great opportunity for Autocam Medical, as well as the Medtronic employees who will be affected by this change. Autocam Medical has experienced significant growth over the past few years. Our biggest obstacle to sustaining this growth is hiring qualified personnel. Therefore, we are extremely excited about the Medtronic opportunity as it allows us to provide highly qualified individuals with similar work experience along with attractive compensation and benefits. »

In a phone call, Thallemer said, “We couldn’t be happier to keep these employees in our community and to provide a seamless transition (to careers) at the same address.”

He said it showed Medtronic’s willingness to work with the new company to keep the building viable. This shows the importance of a Warsaw address for orthopedic companies, Thallemer said.

Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation CEO Alan Tio said Medtronic helped find a way to maintain operations in the building and found a path for the building and employees to move forward.

Tio pointed out that what is known at this point is that Medtronic is closing by 2024 and moving manufacturing elsewhere. Medtronic helped find an entity to have a presence in the building. He said it continues to make the case that the US 30 corridor and Warsaw is the orthopedic capital of the world and how attractive the region is for labor and supply chain.

He credited the Medtronic team for helping navigate the process, as well as the group on the other end of it.

In October 2021, Medtronic announced that it was moving manufacturing from the Warsaw plant to other Medtronic manufacturing facilities in its operating network over the next few years. “The Warsaw site will continue to manufacture Medtronic products until all transfers are complete. The site is expected to close in 2024,” the announcement reads.

Explaining why Medtronic was leaving the Warsaw plant, the announcement stated: “Medtronic operates in a highly competitive global healthcare environment. Across all of the company’s global locations, we constantly evaluate our operations to advance growth, improve operational efficiency and strengthen our position for the future.