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The North Dakota 9-1-1 Association, in cooperation with local public safety response points, urges anyone using or contracting the use of home or mobile medical alert devices to keep suppliers informed each time they change address.

In communications across the state, the association found that all sellers contacted left the updating of residence locations to the owners/renters of the devices. This happened in North Dakota when emergency responders were called to cases involving medical assist devices with expired sent addresses, wasting precious time.

The association asks that when moving, even to a new apartment in the same building, they update their information with their medical assistive device companies to ensure help reaches them as soon as possible. quickly as possible.

Other means of contacting 9-1-1 through assistive technology, such as an iPhone or Android phone using Wi-Fi calling, must also contain the correct information. If you live in different places with different seasons, make sure your device is updated with your current home address.

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