Biden’s plan is of great value

There is a debate in Washington, DC, over President Joe Biden’s investment plan to build America back better. Conservatives argue that America cannot afford to spend so much money. The $ 3.5 trillion project invested over 10 years is $ 350 billion per year, or about 1.6% of our annual gross domestic product.

Imagine if your family faced challenges like the ones America faces today: your roof is leaking, your sewage system is failing, your heating and air conditioning is failing, your garage is on fire, your basement is flooded, your aging mother needs long-term care, your daughter wants to go to college, your youngest child needs daycare, and your wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Do you think 1.6% of your annual income would be enough to meet these needs?

It has been said that the Conservatives “know the cost of everything but the value of nothing”. What is the value of safer roads and bridges? What is the value of better educated citizens? What is the value of healthier citizens, clean drinking water and saving our planet from climate disasters? I would say the value is well over $ 350 billion per year.

We can afford billionaires to take space walks; or we can save our people and our planet.

Republicans are clearly on the side of billionaire walks in space.

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