Candace Owens suggests Trump only bragged about vaccines because he’s too old to know how to find alternative sources online

Candace Owens.Michael Conroy / AP

  • Trump told Candace Owens in an interview last week that vaccines protect people and won’t kill anyone.

  • In response, Owens, who is anti-vax, told Instagram followers it was because Trump was “old.”

  • Her generation isn’t trying to find alternative information or “dark websites” online, she said.

Donald Trump supports the COVID-19 vaccine because it’s “old,” conservative activist Candace Owens suggested to supporters this week.

“People often forget, for example, how old Trump is,” she said in an Instagram video posted Thursday. “As if they came before television, before the Internet, before they could conduct their independent research.”

His comments came after his interview with Trump last Wednesday, where the former president gave the COVID-19 vaccine his strongest endorsement yet, saying it was protecting people and would not kill anyone.

Owens encouraged vaccine skepticism and repeatedly said she was not vaccinated.

“Everything that [Trump’s generation] read in a newspaper presented to them that they thought it was a reality, ”she said. “And one of those things was, you know, this push for vaccines and believing that people were going to die without vaccines. And so, I think his support for the vaccine is genuine and not based on any corruption. “

Owens said she wanted to answer questions from Trump supporters, who may be wondering where her support is coming from.

She justified her opinion by saying that he only reads the mainstream media and does not try to find other sources of information.

“Believe it or not, I don’t think Trump reads or participates in other sources of information,” she said. “I don’t believe Trump is on the internet or necessarily uses the web to try to find obscure websites. I think he’s just relying on typical traditional sources. So I don’t think he is. there is something wrong going on. “

“But he has to have a larger conversation to really understand what’s going on and why so many people are just horrified,” she added.

Although Trump often undermined unflattering news articles – especially in the mainstream media – by calling them “fake news,” he regularly read print newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Trump told Fox News earlier this week that he is surprised and grateful that President Joe Biden recognizes his administration’s efforts to produce three COVID-19 vaccines.

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