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NEW YORK, June 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The 2021 “from China The list of the 500 most valuable brands (18th edition), exclusively compiled by World Brand Lab, was published on June 22 in Beijing. This year, State Grid, with a brand value of 557.70 billion RMB, at the top of the annual list, which measures financials, brand strength and consumer behavior. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (496.28 billion RMB), Haier (457.53 billion RMB), PetroChina (442.56 billion RMB) and China Life (436.67 billion RMB). These companies have grown into world class brands. The management gurus Harvard, Yale, and Oxford attended the World Brand Summit and delivered online keynotes, where they spoke with guests about how sustainable brands drive business growth.

The total value of from China 500 most valuable brands reached RMB 27,895.32 billion in 2021, up 12.97% compared to last year. Steve woolgar, President of the Academic Committee of World Brand lab and professor emeritus of marketing at the Oxford University, said: “Brands are the image of a country. Hope more people in the world can learn more about from China stories across Chinese brands. Over the past 15 years, I have witnessed the rapid growth of Chinese brands, some of which already have strong global influence. These brands include State Grid, China Life, Haier, Beidahuang, Wuliangye, Tsingtao Brewery, Double Star Group, Zhuyeqing Tea, HBIS Group, Hengli, China Southern Power Grid, XCMG, Snow Beer, JOMOO, Air China, China FAW and China Resources . “

This is the 18th year that World Brand Lab has written a report on the Chinese brand. The entry threshold in 2004 was only 500 million RMB, and the top 500 brands had an average value of 4.94 billion RMB. On the other hand, the entry threshold was 3.07 billion RMB in 2021, with an average value of 55.79 billion RMB, an increase of 1028.69%. According to the analysis carried out by World Brand Lab, the competitive strength of a region depends mainly on its comparative advantages, which are directly affected by the advantages of the brand. Of from China “500 most valuable brands” this year, 91 are based at Beijing. Guangdong and Shandong have the second and third most brands on the list, with 86 and 44 brands, respectively. The brands listed can be classified as national or global depending on their scope of influence. There are 439 national influence brands on the list, representing 87.80% of the total, and 61 (12.20%) global influence, a slight increase from last year.

While the pandemic has not halted the overall upward trend in the value of Chinese brands, the number of brands in industries such as automotive, travel services and media has declined significantly compared to the previous year. last year, as the number of brands in inelastic demand sectors such as food and beverage, finance and agriculture, have increased. The “2021 from China The “500 Most Useful Brands” list contains brands from 26 industries, including food and beverage, light industry, building materials, media, textiles and clothing, medicine and machinery. . The food and beverage industry remains the sector with the most brands on the list, numbering 87 and representing 17.40% of the list. The second to fifth largest sectors are light industry (52), building materials (37), media (33), textiles and clothing (33), and communication and IT (30). In total, 57 Chinese brands have been rated over 100 billion RMB this year, compared to 53 last year.

The theme of this year’s Global Brand Summit was “Sustainable brands drive business growth”. According to a joint study by World Brand Lab and Superfinance, brand value and environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores are positively linked. Dr. Karthik ramanna, professor of business and public policy at the Oxford University, pointed out that in many companies, managing ESG factors is seen as a reporting or compliance exercise rather than a strategic activity. He described five steps that help brands build genuine trust with customers. First, companies should not ignore stakeholder issues. Second, they should try to avoid political problems. Third, they should act on capacity asymmetries. Fourth, they should stay one step ahead.

John Deighton, professor emeritus of business administration at Harvard University, offered advice on how to implement a sustainable branding strategy, emphasizing the need for less marketing and more market making. After examining two industries, textiles and food, Deighton realized that companies waste more than they consume. A product that doesn’t sell is a trivial expense for a brand, but a huge problem for the planet. The solution offered by Professor Deighton is to open up new markets, creating an appetite for recycled clothing, patchwork fabrics, less than perfect fruits, etc., in order to reduce the impact on the brand’s reputation.

Ravi Dhar, professor of marketing at the Yale School of Management, said stakeholder marketing strategies are slowly evolving. Dhar proposed a four-step strategic value creation process: first, identify value drivers for different categories of stakeholders. Second, distinguish “to-do” tasks that are necessary to comply with laws or industry standards from “choose-to-do” opportunities that create sustainable competitive differentiation. Third, companies should try to jointly solve problems that do not concern only one category of stakeholders, but stakeholders at all levels of the company. Finally, companies must put in place new systems and indicators to measure the impact and results of their strategies.

Adi Ignatius, editor-in-chief of Harvard business review, noted that the role of the CEO is changing. Executive leaders now feel the need to think broadly of all their stakeholders, not just their shareholders. As such, the position of CEO becomes more rewarding but also more complex. Even as the role evolves, however, the fundamental attributes of great leaders remain the same. Mr. Ignatius singled out four CEOs as leaders who have created brands of lasting value: Ed catmull from Pixar, Steve Jobs from Apple, Indra Nooyi from PepsiCo and Zhang Ruimin from Haier.

Haisen Ding, founder and CEO of Global Executive Group and World Brand lab, said: “Brands have a direct impact on both sales performance and capital market valuation. Over the past 20 years, one of the most important characteristics of global capital markets is that brand-centric intangibles have overtaken tangible assets in terms of importance From 1975 to 2018, intangible assets as a percentage of the market capitalization of all companies in the S&P 500 increased by 17% ($ 12.00 billion) to 84% (US $ 21.03 trillion). The sustainable growth of the Chinese economy is closely linked to the growth of Chinese brands. Brands influence production and consumption, and ultimately contribute to economic growth. “

Guillaume Mundell, vice-chairman of the advisory board of World Brand lab, added: “Brand awareness reflects, to some extent, national character and national spirit. The sustainability of the brand should benefit everyone involved at all levels of the company.”

World Brand lab is an international brand value research institute, 100% owned by Global Executive Group, world leader in digital strategy and business consulting. World Brand lab was founded on the initiative of Nobel laureate Robert Mundell, who served as its first president. World Brand Lab experts and consultants come from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, and other top universities in the world. His research results have become an important basis for valuing intangibles in the merger and acquisition process for many companies.

Related images

Figure 1: Top 10 of “from China 500 Most Valuable Brands of 2021 “(in billions of RMB)

SOURCE World Brand Lab

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Haftar from Libya closes the border with Algeria | World news Sun, 20 Jun 2021 08:38:00 +0000

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Forces loyal to east-based Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar have closed the border with Algeria, they said on Sunday, after major deployments of his forces in the south underlined his role continuous despite efforts to unify the country.

Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) last week sent troops to the southern town of Sebha, which was already allied with eastern forces, then on Saturday to a southern border post with Algeria.

“The armed forces have closed the Lebanese-Algerian border and declared it a military zone in which movement is prohibited,” said the Department of Moral Guidance, a press unit of the ANL.

The nearly 1,000 kilometer (620 mile) border between Algeria and Libya crosses a mostly uninhabited desert with few crossings.

Haftar was blamed last year after his 14-month offensive against Tripoli failed, as a new unity government backed by a UN-facilitated peace process questioned his position Politics.

Political cartoons about world leaders

However, despite progress towards a political solution for Libya after a decade of violence and chaos, most of the country is still controlled by armed groups, corruption is rampant, and outside powers involved in the conflict have failed to come forward. withdrawn.

Progress is expected on Sunday in implementing the terms of a military ceasefire in place since September, with the planned reopening of the main coastal road through the front lines, and foreign powers will meet in Berlin this week for talks on Libya.

(Report from Reuters Libya newsroom, written by Angus McDowall; edited by Raissa Kasolowsky)

Copyright 2021 Thomson Reuters.

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Matin Bag Skate: 6-19-21 Blackhawks World NHL Playoff Hockey News Sat, 19 Jun 2021 12:00:00 +0000

This is your daily discussion thread for the latest hockey news.


Patrick Kane faced tougher competition in 2021, for better or for worse (SCH)

What Riley Stillman Brings to the Blackhawks (SCH)

The Blackhawks’ offseason scuttlebutt so far (The Athletic)

Is Adam Gaudette more than a one-season wonder? (SCH)

Mailbag: Avalanche offseason shots, Rask’s future with the Bruins, Blackhawks over Jones or Hamilton (NHL)

Blackhawks sign Czech forward Jakub Pour on 2-year entry-level contract (SCH)

Finding the value of Ryan Carpenter’s contributions to the Blackhawks (SCH)

Inside Ryan Stewart’s’ Superb Race ‘From A Folding ECHL Team To The Blackhawks’ Assistant General Manager (The Athletic)

SCH Podcast: Monday Morning Deep Dish, Episode 9: NHL Final Four (SCH)

IceHogs Sports Coaches DJ Jones, John Walter and AHL Sports Coaches Selected as Yanick Dupre Memorial Award Winners (IceHogs)

Seth Jones isn’t the solution to Blackhawks’ defensive woes, but Dougie Hamilton could be (Sun-Times)

Lukas Reichel ready for his fast lane to the Blackhawks – just like his Eisbaren Berlin coach: “He has a good shot with a sneaky exit” (Tribune)

Marián Hossa had already quit hockey, and now his contract too. What is his future ? (Athleticism)

2021 NHL Draft (The Athletic) (TSN) (NHL) (EP Rinkside)

STANLEY CUP eliminatory

SUMMARY: Golden Knights @ Canadiens Top Six Minutes: Powerhorse Trotting (Eye on the Prize)

SUMMARY: Lightning beats Islanders in Game 3, takes series lead (NHL)

RECAP: Canadiens @ Golden Knights Game 2 Top Six Minutes: Cooling the red hot Knights (Eyes on the Prize)

Stanley Cup (NHL) Semi-Final Schedule

We’re Out and We’re Looking In: A Blackhawks Fan Guide to the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs (SCH)


Panthers’ Barkov wins Selke trophy for best defensive forward (NHL)

Brind’Amour wins Jack Adams. re-signs with the Hurricanes (NHL)

2020-2021 NHLPA Player Survey (AJLNH)

Seattle Kraken Simulated Expansion Project (The Athletic)

LeBrun: Jack Eichel draw has started, NHL Coaching Carousel news (The Athletic)

Bruins face tough decisions for final Stanley Cup (NHL) contender

Lindblom des Flyers wins Masterton Trophy for perseverance (NHL)

Director of Junior Hockey Wins Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award (NHL)

Gallant hired as Rangers (NHL) coach (Blueshirt Banter)

2021 NHL Draft Prospect Ranking: Corey Pronman’s Top 151 Final (The Athletic)


“Fear is a liar. The world is ready ‘: LGBTQ + sports media members on their experiences (The Athletic)

The Chicago Gay Hockey Association: What It Does, Why It Matters, And How To Get Involved (The Athletic)

“I’ve been on my own from day one” – Meghan Duggan on leadership, fairness and her new job with the Devils (The Athletic)

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Global death toll from COVID-19 exceeds 4 million Fri, 18 Jun 2021 05:26:00 +0000

June 18 (Reuters) – Coronavirus-related deaths around the world surpassed the 4 million mark on Thursday, according to a Reuters tally, as many countries struggle to obtain enough vaccines to immunize their populations.

As the number of new cases and deaths has declined in countries like the United States and Britain, several countries are experiencing vaccine shortages, with the Delta variant becoming the dominant strain worldwide.

It took more than a year for the death toll from COVID-19 to reach 2 million, while the next 2 million were recorded in just 166 days, according to a Reuters analysis.

The top five countries in total deaths – the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, and Mexico – account for about 50% of all deaths globally, while Peru, Hungary, Bosnia , the Czech Republic and Gibraltar have the highest death rates. after adjustment for the population. (Global cases and deaths graph)

Latin American countries are facing their worst outbreak since March, with 43 out of 100 infections worldwide reported in the region, according to a Reuters analysis. The top nine countries with the most deaths per capita over the past week were all in Latin America.

Hospitals in Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay largely accommodate COVID-19 patients between the ages of 25 and 40, as the trend towards younger patients continues. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, 80% of intensive care unit (ICU) occupants are COVID-19 patients.

Relatives stand next to the burning pyre of a man who died of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) while being cremated at a crematorium in Srinagar on May 25, 2021. REUTERS / Danish Ismail

The skyrocketing deaths are straining the functioning capacity of crematoriums in developing countries and gravediggers in several countries have been forced to expand cemeteries with rows of new graves.

India and Brazil are the countries reporting the highest number of deaths each day on an average of seven days and are still concerned about cremation issues and lack of burial space. India is responsible for one in three deaths reported worldwide each day, according to a Reuters analysis.

Many health experts believe the official death toll is underestimated globally, with the World Health Organization (WHO) last month estimating the number of deaths to be much higher.

The Indian state of Bihar dramatically increased the death toll from COVID-19 last week after thousands of unreported cases were discovered, adding weight to concerns that the total number of deaths in India is significantly greater than the official figure.

As poorer countries struggle to immunize their populations due to vaccine shortages, richer countries have been urged to donate more to control the pandemic.

“The main problem in the Americas is access to vaccines, not acceptance of vaccines,” Pan American Health Organization director Carissa Etienne said on Wednesday, urging donor countries to send vaccines as soon as possible. .

The rich countries of the Group of Seven (G7) had pledged to provide 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines to help the poorest countries to immunize their populations.

(Correct the day of the week in the first paragraph)

Reporting by Roshan Abraham and Ahmed Farhatha in Bengaluru; Additional reporting by Lasya Priya M; Editing by Lisa Shumaker and Karishma Singh

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Global Enterprise Application Integration Markets, 2021-2027 – US Market Estimated At $ 1.7 Billion, While China Expected To Grow At 15.3% CAGR – Thu, 17 Jun 2021 09:25:00 +0000

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – “Enterprise Application Integration – Global Market Trajectory and Analysis” report has been added to offer.

Global Enterprise Application Integration Market To Reach $ 16.1 Billion By 2027

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global enterprise application integration market, estimated at US $ 5.8 billion in 2020, is expected to reach a revised size of US $ 16.1 billion. ‘by 2027, with a CAGR of 15.8% over the 2020-2027 analysis period.

Onsite, one of the segments analyzed in the report, is expected to register a CAGR of 15.8% and reach $ 5.9 billion by the end of the analysis period. After an initial analysis of the business implications of the pandemic and the induced economic crisis, the growth of the on-demand segment is readjusted to a revised CAGR of 14.9% for the next 7-year period.

The US market is estimated at $ 1.7 billion, while China is expected to grow at 15.3% CAGR

The business application integration market in the United States is estimated at US $ 1.7 billion in 2020. China, the world’s second-largest economy, is expected to reach a projected market size of US $ 2.8 billion US by 2027, with a CAGR of 15.3% compared to the analysis period 2020 to 2027.

Other notable geographic markets include Japan and Canada, each expected to grow by 14.2% and 13.6% respectively over the period 2020-2027. In Europe, Germany is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 11.6%.

Hybrid segment to register 16.5% CAGR

In the global hybrid segment, the United States, Canada, Japan, China and Europe will lead the estimated 16.3% CAGR for this segment. These regional markets representing a combined market size of US $ 1.7 billion in 2020 will reach a projected size of US $ 4.8 billion by the end of the analysis period.

China will remain among the fastest growing countries in this group of regional markets. Led by countries like Australia, India and South Korea, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to reach $ 1.9 billion by 2027.

Selected Competitors (Total 42 featured):

  • Fujitsu Ltd.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP (HPE)

  • IBM Company

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • MuleSoft, Inc.

  • Oracle Corporation

  • Red Hat, Inc.

  • SAP SE

  • Software AG

  • TIBCO Software, Inc.

Main topics covered:



  • Overview of the influencer market

  • Impact of Covid-19 and an impending global recession

  • Current and Future Global Analysis for Enterprise Application Integration by Geographic Region – United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World – Independent analysis of annual sales in millions of US dollars for the years 2020 to 2027 and% CAGR

  • Global Historical Review of Enterprise Application Integration by Geographic Region – United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of World Markets – Independent Analysis of Annual Sales in US $ Millions for years 2012 to 2019 and% CAGR

  • 15 Year Global Outlook for Enterprise Application Integration by Geographic Region – Percentage Distribution of Sales Value for United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world for the years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • 15-Year Global Outlook for On-Premises by Geographic Region – Percentage Distribution of Sales Value for United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of world for the years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • 15-year global perspective for demand by geographic region – Percentage distribution of sales by value for the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world for years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • Hybrid 15-Year Global Outlook by Geographic Region – Percentage Distribution of Sales by Value for United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World for the years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • 15 Year Global Outlook for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) by Geographic Region – Percentage Breakdown of Sales Value for United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world for the years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • 15-Year Global Outlook for IT and Telecommunications by Geographic Region – Percentage Distribution of Sales Value for United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world for the years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • Global 15-Year Outlook for Healthcare by Geographic Region – Percentage Distribution of Sales by Value for United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World for the years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • 15-Year Global Retail Outlook by Geographic Region – Percentage Distribution of Sales Value for United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of world for the years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • 15-Year Global Perspective for Government by Geographic Region – Percentage Distribution of Sales Value for United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World for the years 2012, 2020 and 2027

  • 15-Year Global Outlook for Manufacturing by Geographic Region – Percentage Distribution of Sales by Value for the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World for years 2012, 2020 and 2027



  • Total number of profiled companies: 42

For more information on this report, visit

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“Mosquitoes suck! »A comic book explores a world without mosquitoes • News Service • Iowa State University Wed, 16 Jun 2021 12:59:11 +0000

Photo by Christophe Gannon

AMES, Iowa – The story begins in 2080, and the American Museum of Natural History – forced to move from New York to Des Moines due to climate change – has an exhibit on the history and extermination of mosquitoes.

The fictional portrayal of a world without mosquitoes may sound appealing to anyone who has fallen victim to the summer plague, but the comic strip “Mosquitoes SUCK!” (both literally – they suck, instead of bite – and some may argue figuratively) tells the story of the devastation and disruption of the ecosystem if the species were wiped out.

“Everyone has the same reaction to mosquitoes because they’re so annoying,” said Katherine Richardson Bruna, one of the comic book authors and professor at the School of Education at Iowa State University. “But we don’t want to end up with this dystopian future where mosquitoes no longer exist.”

The comic, illustrated by a team led by Marvel artist Bob Hall, was inspired by Mosquitoes & Me Summer Camp, a two-week camp for elementary school students that is part of the ISU Urban Ecosystem Project. , which focuses on the study of mosquitoes as a means of arousing students’ curiosity and interest in science. The book features three stories as well as posters and short essays developed from the camp’s program on mosquito biology and ecology, disease transmission, and community control efforts.

Richardson Bruna says research has shown science comics help students learn more effectively, because of the way they interact with text and images. She and co-authors Sara Erickson, program coordinator for the UIS Urban Ecosystem Project; and Lyric Bartholomay, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, created the comic with the aim of teaching readers of all ages how mosquitoes relate to environmental and sustainability issues, as well as inspiring the interest of young readers in science.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has highlighted the need for more entomologists to study insects and disease transmission,” said Richardson Bruna. “Our hope is that the comic will spark an interest in mosquitoes and a wider interest in entomology to meet some of these societal and environmental needs.”

Students create their own comic book stories

Student receiving a copy of the comic

Comic book project member Nikunja Budathoki recently received her copy of “Mosquitoes SUCK!” His illustrations inspired one of the posters. Photo provided by Katherine Richardson Bruna

This has already inspired students to develop characters and content for their own comic book stories. As part of a grant from the National Institutes of Health that supported the comic, Richardson Bruna, Erickson, and Bartholomay started the Mosquitoes & Me comic book project.

The students, who had previously attended the summer camp, were invited to be part of the after-school program. They not only learned what makes a great comic book, but they also had the opportunity to apply what they learned at camp. Their stories and the creative process are on display at the Student Innovation Center on campus. And one of the posters for “Mosquitoes Suck!” presents images based on student illustrations.

Richardson Bruna says they are providing copies of the comic to teachers in the state of Iowa, educators at ISU Extension and Outreach, and the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery. They have also received applications from the World Food Prize Foundation, international partners in Ecuador and Bolivia, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, among others. To request more information, contact:

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Israeli nationalists march through East Jerusalem under heavy police presence Tue, 15 Jun 2021 17:24:00 +0000

  • May 10 attempt to stage a march helped ignite the 11-day war
  • Palestinians call for protest in Gaza and West Bank
  • Tensions are first test for new Israeli government

JERUSALEM, June 15 (Reuters) – Thousands of far-right Israeli nationalists marched in a flag procession through East Jerusalem on Tuesday, an event that risked rekindling tensions with the Palestinians and posing a first challenge to the new Israeli government.

Last month, Israeli-Palestinian clashes in disputed Jerusalem helped spark 11 days of cross-border fighting between Israel and the ruling militant group Hamas in Gaza.

On Tuesday, Israeli police in riot gear and on horseback cordoned off the areas leading to the Damascus Gate, the flashpoint of the old walled city, clearing the area of ​​Palestinians.

Dancing and chanting “the people of Israel live,” the crowd of mostly religious Jews, wearing blue and white Israeli flags, then filled the square outside the gate, usually a popular social gathering place for Palestinians.

“Take a good look at our flag. Live and suffer,” shouted a walker, a megaphone in one hand and a cigar in the other, in Hebrew at Palestinian traders on the other side of police barriers erected on a Jerusalem street. Is.

Police were to prevent protesters from passing through Damascus Gate, the main entrance to the Muslim Quarter in the Old City, which also houses sacred shrines for Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Instead, they had to take a ring road, towards the sacred Western Wall of Judaism.

“Jerusalem is for all religions, but Jerusalem is in Israel. And in Israel, we have to be able to go where we want, with our flag,” said walker Doron Avrahami, 50, channeling right-wing frustrations over the restrictions policewomen.

Attacking the march as a “provocation,” Palestinians called for “Day of Rage” protests in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank with still fresh memories of clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians during the Muslim holy month. of Ramadan.

“We warn of the dangerous repercussions that could result from the intention of the occupying power to allow extremist Israeli settlers to carry out the flag march in occupied Jerusalem,” Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said.

Before the protesters arrived at the Damascus Gate, thousands of Palestinians gathered nearby and at least 17 were injured in clashes with Israeli police firing stun grenades, the Crescent ambulance service said. Palestinian Red.


Hours before the start of the event, incendiary balloons launched from Gaza sparked several fires in fields in Israeli communities near the border with the Palestinian enclave, witnesses and Israeli firefighters said.

Such incidents ended with the ceasefire that ended fighting between Israel and Gaza last month.

Hamas warned of resuming hostilities over the march, testing the courage of Israel’s new government of Naftali Bennett, which approved the procession along a modified route that appeared designed to avoid friction with the Palestinians .

Bennett is the head of a far-right party, and hijacking the procession could anger members of his religious base and expose him to accusations he is giving Hamas a veto over events in Jerusalem. .

Wednesday’s march was originally scheduled for May 10 as part of the “Jerusalem Day” festivities that celebrate Israel’s capture of East Jerusalem in the Middle East War in 1967.

At the last minute, this march was diverted from the Damascus Gate and the Muslim Quarter, but that was not enough to deter Hamas from firing rockets towards Jerusalem.

Sitting on a bench outside the police cordon, Khalil Mitwani, a 50-year-old Palestinian, said of the protesters: “They are making Jerusalem a big problem. All the people here want peace – why make problems here?

Diplomats urged all parties to exercise restraint.

“Tensions (are) on the rise again in Jerusalem at a very fragile and sensitive political and security moment, as the UN and Egypt are actively engaged in the consolidation of the ceasefire,” the Minister said. UN envoy to the Middle East Tor Wennesland on Twitter.

He called on all parties to “act responsibly and avoid any provocation that could lead to a new round of confrontations.”

Israel, which occupied and then annexed East Jerusalem in a move that did not gain international recognition, regards the entire city as its capital. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of a future state that would include the West Bank and Gaza.

Report by Rami Ayyub; Editing by Howard Goller

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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The Chicago-based Scientist Who Helped Find Fraud in the Art World | Chicago News Mon, 14 Jun 2021 22:17:29 +0000

Rembrandt van Rijn, “Christ in the Storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee”, 1633.

The recently released Netflix documentary series “This Is a Robbery” explores the twisted history surrounding the theft of 13 works of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.

One of the potential avenues to recover the $ 500 million in stolen artwork involves scientific analysis of the paint chips, with microscopic detective work done by a Chicago-based innovator in the field.

After the heist in the middle of the night, investigators, museum officials and reporters spent years researching tricks that led to dead ends. A lead came to former Boston Herald reporter Tom Mashberg: A petty con artist claimed to have one of Rembrandt’s stolen works, “Storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee.” But Mashberg was no expert in the art and had to prove that the work was genuine.

“We kind of thought about the paint chips, and I said, ‘Would it be that hard to scrape off a little paint? “Walter McCrone of Chicago had done a lot of work demystifying fraud using an electron microscope.”

Well, not exactly. In fact, McCrone championed a somewhat simpler but no less powerful tool: the polarized light microscope.

“It’s kind of an underdog,” McCrone told WTTW’s “The New Explorers” in 1990. “People assumed it wouldn’t be necessary or even useful any longer because of the big guns. I’m absolutely convinced that we cannot do without it.

After studying at Cornell, McCrone accepted a research position in Chicago in 1944. In 1960, he founded the McCrone Research Institute in Bronzeville. It is now run by his protégé, Gary Laughlin.

The McCrone Research Institute (WTTW News)The McCrone Research Institute (WTTW News)

“In all the years that I worked with him, which were the first 17 years of my career, he started his day at 3:30 am,” Laughlin said. “I never saw him leave this building or leave work until he listened to the news at 6 pm every night. Seven days on seven.”

The institute still focuses on the mission that McCrone began: researching, publishing a journal, organizing seminars and teaching crash courses on the use of a microscope, learning to identify the optical properties of substances such as form, size, color and transparency.

“The range of students is huge,” Laughlin said. “They come from all industries, academia, government, virtually any lab where a scientist could work and a microscope could be present.”

Since the institute’s inception in 1960, more than 30,000 students from across the country and around the world have passed through its doors.

McCrone also gained worldwide notoriety for analyzing hundreds of works of art and other historical objects. Among the high-profile pieces McCrone placed under his microscope was the Shroud of Turin, the alleged burial shroud of Jesus, stained with marks that worshipers claimed to be blood.

“His conclusion was that there was no blood – that it was a pigment, in fact. Red ocher, ”said Laughlin.

Gary Laughlin handles specimens at the McCrone Research Institute in Bronzeville, founded in 1960 by Walter McCrone.  (WTTW News)Gary Laughlin handles specimens at the McCrone Research Institute in Bronzeville, founded in 1960 by Walter McCrone. (WTTW News)

For trained eyes like McCrone’s or Laughlin’s, two colors that can look the same on a canvas look very different under a microscope. Laughlin used French ultramarine as an example, holding a vibrant blue paint in a jar.

“This one is synthetic, so this one is modern. The original ultramarine was a crushed rock, lapis, which is very, very expensive, ”Laughlin said. “Because it’s so expensive, no one uses it today… now, if a forger knew, he would use the original material. They could even grind it themselves and make their own pigments like the original artist may have done.

At the suggestion that a microscopist might make a good forger, Laughlin gave a knowing laugh.

“It’s absolutely true. In fact, Dr. McCrone used to lecture: “What Every Good Forger Should Know!”

After McCrone used his polarized light microscope to analyze a work, he turned his results over to Laughlin to confirm them with an electron microscope – including on the alleged Rembrandt’s analysis featured in “This Is a Robbery.”

“His immediate conclusion with this limited palate – he was only given a few crisps – was that it certainly could be a Rembrandt,” Laughlin said. “And that’s the question he was asked,” meaning that the paint chips could also come from one of Rembrandt’s contemporaries.

Attention to detail, McCrone even wrote in a correction on his copy of the Boston Herald article on his work. Unfortunately, the paint chips ended up being another glimmer of false hope in recovering the stolen art.

McCrone’s work on art analysis may have been exciting, but Laughlin says it was really a side project. The core of McCrone’s work, teaching people about microscopic analysis, continues today. The pandemic has forced a pivot towards online learning and a huge drop in enrollments, but things are finally on the rise.

“You know there’s this instrument that can do things that you know no other instrument can do, and you want to share that with the world,” Laughlin said.

Walter McCrone appears in Walter McCrone appeared in WTTW’s “The New Explorers” in 1990. (WTTW News)

McCrone died in 2002. In his 1990 interview with WTTW, he described his sophisticated work in layman’s terms.

“What you’re doing is magnifying these little particles to the size that we normally see macroscopic objects. And if we can recognize all these things here just on sight, you can do the same under a microscope. It’s that simple, ”said McCrone.

As for that suspicious Rembrandt whose paint chips McCrone analyzed? Neither this nor any of the other pieces stolen from the Gardner Museum have been found.

Note: This story will be updated with a video.

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Melendez, Texas punch ticket to College World Series Mon, 14 Jun 2021 05:09:47 +0000

AUSTIN, TEXAS (KTSM) – Ivan Melendez, originally from El Paso and graduated from Coronado, is heading to the College World Series.

The second designated redshirt hitter and second seed from Texas beat South Florida 12-4 in Game 2 of the Austin Super Regional on Sunday night to hit their ticket to Omaha, Neb.

For the Longhorns, this is their second trip to the College World Series since 2018 and the 37th CWS trip in program history, which is an NCAA record.

Melendez was 1-4 with a hit and three strikeouts in Texas’ decisive victory at CWS. He follows in the footsteps of Socorro graduate and former MLB player Omar Quintanilla as El Pasoans who played in the College World Series with Texas. Quintanilla won the 2002 National Championship with the Longhorns.

“Getting to Omaha is an amazing experience, based on what I’ve heard from some of the older guys on the team,” Melendez told KTSM ahead of this week’s Super Regional. “By coming to a school like Texas, they carry this heritage and this winning tradition. By joining the team, you must meet these high standards. That’s how I feel and as a team, what most of us all feel. “

This season, Melendez leads Texas in batting and homing average, and if the Longhorns are to stay long in Omaha, they’ll need him to keep hitting at the breakneck pace he was in the regular season. Melendez was a selection of the 1st All-Big 12 team in 2021.

A 2018 Coronado graduate, Melendez played two seasons at Odessa College before coming to Austin to play for the Longhorns. Now he’s living the dream of every college baseball player across the country and he’ll be competing in the College World Series in Omaha next week.

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Latest news: IMF chief: 1 billion doses of vaccine is just the beginning | Economic news Sun, 13 Jun 2021 11:32:00 +0000

Latest from the Group of Seven Nations meeting in England:

FALMOUTH, ENGLAND – The managing director of the International Monetary Fund says there is a moral imperative for the world’s richest countries to support programs to end the COVID-19 pandemic, but the donation of surplus vaccines does not is just the first step.

Kristalina Georgieva’s comments at a virtual press conference at the Group of Seven summit on Sunday came after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hoped G-7 leaders would agree to provide at least $ 1 billion vaccine doses to the poorest countries. Aid groups have welcomed the donations, but are asking for money, increased production and logistical support to help developing countries where the virus still rages.

Georgieva said the donations are a good step, but more needs to be done to overcome the obstacles needed to fire.

Political cartoons about world leaders

Political cartoons

“It is a moral imperative, but it is a necessity for the economic recovery to be sustained, because we cannot divide the world in two without negative consequences,” Georgieva said.

While nearly half of the combined population of the G-7 countries have received at least one dose of the vaccine, the global figure is less than 13%. In Africa, it is only 2.2%.

“The war is not yet won,” she said.

FALMOUTH, England – Worshipers at a seaside resort in England say they were “stunned” when US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden came for a Sunday service.

The Bidens are in Cornwall in southwest England where the US president is attending a Group of Seven Wealthy Democracies summit. Sunday morning, before the summit concluded, they were seen attending mass at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in St. Ives.

“I think stunned is probably a very true word,” said Annie Fitzpatrick, 58. “It’s pretty amazing, we walked into the church and they took some details from us and I thought it was a little unusual. About 10 minutes after the service the doors opened and President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden came in and sat down on the bench directly in front of me.

The president “quietly continued his prayer like everyone else was doing,” she said, adding: “He looked around and said peace be with you, and I was one of the ‘between them, so I’m delighted. I’m not sure I will ever be able to fully overcome this moment.

Gayle Wood, 63, said Biden appeared to be making a “very generous donation” to the church before he left.

FALMOUTH, England – Britain accuses the European Union of having the ‘offensive’ view that Northern Ireland is not fully part of the UK, as Brexit continues to cast a shadow over the summit of the Group of Seven.

Britain and the EU are fighting over post-Brexit trade deals that could ban British sausages from entering Northern Ireland, the only part of the UK that borders the 27-nation bloc. The dispute raises political tensions in Northern Ireland, where some people identify as British and others as Irish.

British media report that Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked French President Emmanuel Macron during their summit meeting in Carbis Bay, England, what he would feel if the Toulouse sausages could not be moved to Paris. They said Macron replied that the comparison was not working because Paris and Toulouse were part of the same country.

The French presidency has not denied that Macron made the comments. He said he meant “that Toulouse and Paris were on a geographic unit of territory, Northern Ireland is on an island. The Chairman wished to point out that the situation was quite different and that it is not appropriate to make such a comparison.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the idea that Northern Ireland was not an integral part of the UK was “not only offensive, it has real effects on communities in Northern Ireland , creates great concern, great consternation “.

FALMOUTH, England – Group of Seven leaders discuss climate change on the last day of their summit in England, with naturalist David Attenborough warning they must take urgent action to avert a man-made environmental disaster.

All G-7 countries have pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, but many environmentalists say it will be too late. The leaders also plan to announce new green finance plans to help poorer countries reduce their carbon emissions.

Attenborough, who is due to address leaders via video on Sunday, said the global warning and biodiversity loss are “beyond question”, as is “our societies and nations are unequal”.

He said that “the question that science is forcing us to address specifically in 2021 is whether, because of these intertwined facts, are we on the verge of destabilizing the entire planet?

“If this is the case, then the decisions we make this decade – especially the decisions taken by the most economically advanced countries – are the most important in the history of mankind,” Attenborough said in comments. comments posted by the summit organizers.

FALMOUTH, England – The head of the World Health Organization welcomed the announcements of vaccine sharing from the Group of Seven summit, but said “we need more and we need it faster”.

“The challenge,” I told G-7 leaders, “was that to truly end the pandemic, our goal must be to immunize at least 70% of the world’s population by the time the G-7 meets. meet again in Germany next year, “he added. WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters at the summit in southwest England on Saturday.

“To do this, we need 11 billion doses,” Tedros said, adding that it was “essential” for countries to temporarily waive intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, host of the summit, said the group will pledge at least 1 billion doses, with half coming from the United States and 100 million from Britain over the next year.

Tedros reiterated his goal of vaccinating 30% of the population of each country by the end of 2021. He said reaching the goal requires 100 million doses in June and July, and 250 million more by the end of 2021. September.

FALMOUTH, England – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie welcomed leaders from South Korea, Australia and South Africa, as well as the United Nations Secretary-General, to the Group of Seven summit which takes place on the coast of southwest England.

Executives bumped their elbows and posed for photos on Saturday on a pristine Cornwall beach.

The G-7 countries are the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan. The British government has said that invited nations are invited to attend the summit as part of Johnson’s “World Britain” program and that the larger group can help the G-7 “to intensify cooperation between democratic and technological nations. advances in the world ”.

India has also been invited, but his delegation is not present in person due to the severe coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The leaders, whose three-day summit is due to end on Sunday, are expected to embark on a new plan, called the “Carbis Bay Declaration,” to reverse future pandemics within the first 100 days.

CARBIS BAY, England – French President Emmanuel Macron said it was good that US President Joe Biden was able to lead through cooperation, adding that the United States was “definitely” back as a partner in the ‘Europe.

Biden and Macron met at the Group of Seven summit in southwest England on Saturday, where they and other leaders of the world’s rich democracies discuss the coronavirus pandemic, the environment, national security, relations with China and economic issues.

Former US President Donald Trump took a contradictory approach with NATO allies, but Macron said Biden had shown that “leadership is partnership.”

The desire for cooperation goes both ways. Biden described the European Union as “incredibly strong and vibrant,” which he said not only helps tackle economic challenges, but also provides a backbone for NATO.

BERLIN – German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden met on the sidelines of the G-7 summit in England.

A spokesperson for the German Chancellor tweeted two photos of the leaders sitting at a table in Carbis Bay on Saturday.

“At noon on the second day of the G7 summit, the Chancellor spoke with US President Biden between business meetings,” the caption accompanying the photos read.

Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert gave no details of what the two discussed.

Merkel, who is stepping down later this year, plans to visit Biden in Washington next month. The president invited her to the White House earlier this week.

FALMOUTH, England – Hundreds of environmental protesters marched to the Cornish Sea shore on Saturday morning in a bid to attract the attention of world leaders and international media who traveled to the south west of England for the G-7 summit.

Some protesters paddled out to sea, while others sunk on the beach wearing masks over the leaders’ faces.

A crowd of surfers, kayakers and swimmers gathered on a Falmouth beach on Saturday for a “mass protest” organized by the Surfers Against Sewage group, which is campaigning for more action to protect the oceans.

US President Joe Biden and his fellow leaders of the Group of Seven Wealthy Democracies are gathering near the town of St. Ives for talks focused on the pandemic and climate change.

Earlier, Oxfam activists gathered on Falmouth Beach to protest climate change and put on masks representing the leaders attending the G-7 summit.

Max Lawson, Oxfam’s policy officer, said campaigners want G-7 countries – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and US – to commit to further reducing emissions and finance to help poor countries adapt. to the impacts of climate change.

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