Newspaper – Bridgeville Star Sat, 25 Sep 2021 11:02:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Newspaper – Bridgeville Star 32 32 Flashback: 1926 Midland Newspaper Ads Sat, 25 Sep 2021 09:05:55 +0000

Not only was the Midland Sun special section portrait from November 1926 of the Town of Midland filled with stories, it was also filled with advertisements from Midland businesses.

Some of the establishments did not list addresses because the city was only so big and people probably knew exactly where they were. Phone numbers ranged from one digit (9 for calling Wilson Funeral Home) to three digits (340 for Blackhurst Chevrolet Sales.)

Only a few of the ads featured photographs, but they all “sold” their businesses rather cleverly.

Hanley Barber Shop on McDonald Street said: “You always feel your best after a close shave and haircut” while competitor Shetzley’s Barber Shop on Haley Street sold “Lucky Tiger Tonic for scalp treatments and dandruff”.

Ellanjay Variety Store at 110 East Main Street boasted “the largest assortment of ten-cent items in town” while Smith’s Dairy, near the MC tracks on George Street, touted the company’s growth. ” from a few gallons of milk and a milk route to the largest business in Midland County. “

“Delicious, quality meats” were sold at Hardy Brothers at 214 E. Main St., and “the city’s busiest fountain” was at Mac’s Confectionery, located in the Arcade building.

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Connection Newspapers Editorial Director Kemal Kurspahic Passes Away | ALX now Fri, 24 Sep 2021 18:15:25 +0000

Kemal Kurspahic, editor of The Connection Newspapers based in Alexandria and acclaimed former editor of Oslobodjenje, the Sarajevo daily, passed away last week after a stroke, Connection Newspapers reported.

Kurspahic, born Dec. 1, 1946, was editor of The Connection Newspapers in Northern Virginia from 1997 to 2001 and again from 2007 to 2021, according to the weekly.

Kurspahic was also editor-in-chief of the Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje from 1988 to 1994 and continued the daily publication during the three year seat. At the Connection Newspapers office, Kurspahic was a stoic presence who walked with a slight limp after a car crash after being hit by a sniper.

Kurspahic’s work in Sarajevo was the subject of that of Tom Gjelten Sarajevo Daily: a city and its newspaper under siege. The publisher recalled his time during the siege in his book As long as Sarajevo exists.

As Kurspahic focused on The Connection Newspapers coverage of Northern Virginia, talking to Kurspahic about his decades of experience in international journalism and diplomatic work was a rite of passage for many new to the newspaper.

The Connection Newspapers reported that Kurspahic was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, a Clark Fellow at Cornell University and a Senior Fellow at the US Institute of Peace.

Photo via Wikipedia Creative Commons

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Groves council defers decision on Okeechobee overlay Fri, 24 Sep 2021 05:25:48 +0000

Loxahatchee Groves City Council agreed on Tuesday, September 21 to postpone final approval of a comprehensive amendment to the plan creating an Okeechobee Blvd. overlay for up to one year so that it can be reviewed by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, as well as getting feedback from city residents on the plan.

“The ordinance was on the August 3 board’s agenda and has been postponed until tonight for second reading,” said planning consultant Jim Fleischmann.

At the August 3 meeting, the council made a change to the text, removing funding methods for different road classifications, Fleischmann said.

In addition, municipal staff altered Okeechobee Boulevard. Corridor map at the request of a landowner to increase the size of the parcels at the northeast corner of D Road and Okeechobee Boulevard. adding what was previously a 10 acre parcel north of three parcels overlooking Okeechobee Blvd.

“This has a long history dating back to 2017, when the owner of this parcel requested that it be divided and that 5 acres be added to the corner parcel and 5 acres be added to two lots east of this intersection. “said Fleischmann.

At the time, city staff determined that the request, made by the owner of a nursery, would comply with city regulations.

“The owner waited until June of this year to file the application with Palm Beach County, and the application was essentially approved on August 4, the day after the council meeting last month. So based on the county’s declaration that it will create two new parcels… we have changed the map to include those 10 acres in the overlay, ”Fleischmann said.

Other than these two changes, the layering remains the same as at the August board meeting. Fleischmann said city staff recommended approval.

During the public comments, Deborah Markham expressed her opposition to commercial ventures on Okeechobee Blvd.

“You talk about trying to restrict traffic and trying to divert traffic, and the business would actually bring traffic to Okeechobee Blvd.” Markham said, explaining that she contacted people with experience in farming businesses. and commercial who said commercial on Okeechobee Blvd. was not a good idea. “One of the things they proposed was to strengthen our agricultural guidelines.”

Loxahatchee Groves Landowners Association president Virginia Standish said she was intrigued by the layering.

“I understand the principle. I understand the time spent, but like everything else, just because a lot of time has been spent doesn’t mean it’s ready for prime time, ”Standish said. “This is a low impact non-residential development project. This is how it was presented, but no traffic or impact study was carried out.

She said her biggest concern is that landscaping services have been authorized and that there are no restrictions on the number of vehicles allowed. She also noticed that the category of historic heritage uses had been modified from 2006 to 2020.

“What I see here is that you are allowing more operations with a lot of vehicles,” Standish said. “We have to recognize that agriculture is commercial. Farm businesses also have large vehicles.

Cassie Suchy said she felt the layering was rushed.

“This is an extremely important issue for this city,” Suchy said. “There were no studies. Did anyone spend a weekend to see what kind of commercial traffic comes in and out of Red Barn on Okeechobee? Has anyone done a crime analysis? Has anyone tried to see what the potential is if the 71 properties as they exist all break down into a minimum requirement? “

She suggested an impact study to answer these questions and that a referendum be organized for all voters in the city.

After several other speakers, City Councilor Phillis Maniglia brought forward a motion to postpone the overlay and request an extension from the state.

“This is time sensitive, and meanwhile ask the Treasure Coast [Regional Planning Council] to review the overlay and overlay design and give us your feedback, and give the people of this city more time and opportunity to explore and ask questions and let us know what their desires and visions are for Okeechobee Blvd. She said.

Fleischmann said there was no limit to time extensions of an order on a compensation plan, and Maniglia suggested up to a year. The motion was carried 5-0.

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3rd Circ. Journal Timing Questions in Union Award Spat Wed, 22 Sep 2021 22:01:00 +0000
By Jeannie O’Sullivan (Sept. 22, 2021, 6:01 p.m. EDT) – The Third Circuit on Wednesday questioned a claim by a Pennsylvania newspaper that the statute of limitations for challenging a union’s arbitration award was did not begin until the referee’s full decision has been rendered, suggesting that the countdown really begins when the prize is first announced.

During oral argument, a three-judge panel suggested that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had all the information it needed to bring an action when it first received notice that the sentence had been made, approximately one month before the arbitrator issues a written decision setting out the reasoning for the prize.

“Everything you needed to know to bring your action was there …

Stay one step ahead

In the legal profession, information is the key to success. You need to know what’s going on with customers, competitors, practice areas, and industries. Law360 provides the intelligence you need to stay an expert and beat the competition.

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Robert Reismann, who helped warring troops obtain newspaper, dies at 60 Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:37:21 +0000
Robert Reismann is organizing copies of Stars and Stripes fresh from the Middle East in 2007. Reismann, who spent more than 30 years providing newspapers to troops, died on September 21, 2021 of complications from surgery for the Cancer. (Stars and stripes)

STUTTGART, Germany – Robert Reismann, who for more than 30 years played a pivotal role in getting the Stars and Stripes newspapers to readers in remote parts of Europe and the Middle East, died Tuesday in a hospital in Kaiserslautern, in Germany, as a result of complications linked to cancer. processing. He was 60 years old.

“Without Bob and all of his hard work, I don’t know we would have had the paper delivered the way we did,” said Lt. Col. Marci Hoffman, Stars and Stripes Europe commander and expeditionary, who oversees operations but is not involved in news decisions. “He was instrumental in everything and made sure the troops were informed. “

Reismann’s career with Stars and Stripes began in 1990 in Germany at the end of the Cold War, when the military had sprawling bases across Europe. Having a massive military force designed to fight the Soviet Union as a readership also meant a large and complicated newspaper distribution network for Reismann and others to coordinate.

But after a decade of helping get newspapers to readers in Europe, the terrorist attacks of September 11 have brought about a shift in focus. Reismann was chosen to lead the distribution effort to get the newspapers to the troops in the wars that followed.

In 2003, after US forces pushed into Iraq, Reismann spent about six months in the country setting up operations that allowed Stars and Stripes to deliver papers to bases that were popping up across the country.

Stars and Stripes Expeditionary broadcast director Robert Reismann in a screenshot from the 2018 documentary "The world's most dangerous paper route." Reismann, a longtime Stripes employee, died this week at the age of 60.

Stars and Stripes Expeditionary broadcast director Robert Reismann in a screenshot from the 2018 documentary “The World’s Most Dangerous Paper Road”. Reismann, a longtime Stripes employee, died this week at the age of 60. (Facebook)

At the time, Reismann and his team were receiving 50,000 newspapers a day at the various restaurants and combat outposts in Iraq, from Baghdad to places like Fallujah and Mosul, said James Afflerbach, who worked for Reismann and now supervises. the distribution of stars and striped products in Europe.

“We all had close calls back then,” said Afflerbach, who recalled wondering at one point if the work was worth it.

“But Bob was one of the defining factors we stayed behind,” Afflerbach said. “We trusted him. He was a friend, but he also commanded our respect.

Over the years, Reismann has remained the Stars and Stripes henchman in the Middle East. He made frequent trips to Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond with papers delivered to places such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and parts of Africa.

In the 2018 Stars and Stripes documentary, “The World’s Most Dangerous Paper Road,” Reismann was highlighted given his key role in delivering newspapers to combat zones.

He described his work thus: “I try to get the paper to the soldiers as soon as possible, in the field… I’m just a newspaper delivery man.

Reismann is survived by his wife Elina and sons Samuel, Matthew and Charles.

Jean Vandiver



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Listen to your body, rest! – THE HORNET JOURNAL Tue, 21 Sep 2021 19:54:18 +0000


A young woman at rest, getting enough sleep. Photo courtesy of Sarah Young.

Many people underestimate the importance of sleep for the human body. Sleep is just as crucial, as food and air are necessary for survival. Throughout the day, sleep programs the brain to process emotions and memories. Insufficient amount of sleep will have an impact on individuals, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Does everyone need the same amount of sleep?

Not all people need as much sleep, some may need more, while others may need less. However, the suggested times depend on current age, physical activity, and health. As a rule of thumb, adults should get around seven to eight hours of sleep, while teens need around nine hours. By maintaining the plentiful number of hours, they will be well rested and have a productive morning.

Pamella Jenkins, Delaware State Head Lacrosse Coach, says, “Adequate sleep is necessary for optimal athletic performance for your mind and body. »Lack of sleep weakens the body, mind and overall performance. Coach Pamella Jenkins can notice this in her players, if they come to train with little energy, rubbing their eyes and minimal effort. She knows they haven’t been getting the right hours of sleep, affecting their level of performance in the field.

University student falling asleep in class, while professor is teaching. Photo courtesy of Sarah DiGiulio.

In society, lack of sleep is more common among college students. When focusing on homework, students tend to lose track of time and sleep less. Delaware State Strength and Conditioning Coach Christopher Thompson says, “Sleep is one of the best performance-enhancing factors for student-athletes, along with nutrition and training. ‘appropriate hydration. Sleep is important because it allows our body to recover from all the hard work of study, life stressors, practice, and lifts. Sleep is especially important for student athletes because they not only need it to concentrate in school, but also to excel on the pitch.

Once people are off the schedule, it can be difficult to get enough sleep. They find themselves creating a “sleep deficit” when they try to make up for missing hours. Sleep deficit occurs due to lack of sleep, the difference between the hours achieved versus the number of hours needed. If someone loses a few hours of sleep, that person can keep them. However, if it exceeds a few hours, the amount of sleep cannot be preserved.

How to adapt a sleep schedule?

In order to get more sleep, there are many steps people can take to resolve this problem. First, go to bed earlier. People need to alert their bodies and change their schedules. Second, avoid coffee or alcohol near bedtime. By enduring these drinks, the body will have a lot of energy. Sleep deprivation becomes even worse because it is difficult for the body to fall asleep. Finally, engage in a The evening routine. Whether it’s meditation or reading before bed, a nighttime routine helps relieve stress and worry.

A young girl who feels sick after getting enough sleep. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When people lose sleep, it does not go unnoticed. Whether it’s through physical appearance (puffy eyes, disheveled hair, and pale skin) or mental condition (sleep in class, tiredness or sadness), many people recognize the difference. These people will experience a change in mood, a lack of enthusiasm, and little or no focus.

Why is a sufficient amount of sleep important for the human body?

When the body is not receiving the required hours, a lot of things go wrong. Delaware State Biology Professor Driskill says, “The biological importance of sleep is often overlooked. Not only do we feel bad for a while when we have insufficient quality sleep, it can also have serious consequences in the longer term. »Insufficient sleep degrades body and mind. Lack of sleep is unhealthy for the body because it causes major health problems.

From relationships to obesity, sleep contributes to everything. When asleep, the human body recovers and heals to re-impose the chemical balance. In addition, the brain acquires new knowledge to improve memory retention.

A man gets sick because he cannot sleep and gives his body sufficient rest.

Sleep deprivation contributes to all systems in the body, especially the central nervous system and the immune system. The central nervous system helps the body develop knowledge, but chronic insomnia can disrupt the process, which is why good sleep is vital. Delaware State Trainer, Maddie Stoll says, “Sleep helps the body’s overall recovery and allows the mind and body to reset. Sleeping helps strengthen the immune system in addition to increasing concentration. It’s important to not only consider nutrition, hydration, and flexibility when recovering, but sleep is just as important, which is often overlooked.

Lack of sleep prevents the immune system from getting stronger because the human body will have a hard time fighting off invaders. Without the right amount, the brain and body systems will not function properly.

Sleep is an imperative key to the human body that keeps the brain functioning. When people decide to stay awake instead of sleeping, they are only hurting themselves. Throughout the day, individuals will feel better and become more active after completing their required hours of rest. Listening to your body and getting enough sleep is essential.

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RPBHS teaches students how to overcome adversity Tue, 21 Sep 2021 07:15:48 +0000

Principal of Royal Palm Beach High School, Dr Jesús Armas, told the Royal Palm Beach Education Advisory Board on Monday, September 13 that his school is dedicated to helping students succeed.

Armas, who served as the school principal for 12 years, said the school taught about the events of September 11, 2001.

“We talk about it a lot with our children, and none of them were born,” Armas said. “It’s new to them, and we’re trying to talk to them a little bit about what it means and what we can learn from it. I am thinking of the period immediately after September 11. Everyone was recovering and we were all in pain, but at this point it seemed like everyone was gathering. We put our differences aside and come together.

But he said the country is now deeply divided.

“We have a lot of repairs to do in our country. We have a lot of things that are great about it, but we have a lot of things that need to be fixed, ”said Armas, explaining that one of the goals of the school is to help restore a united nation.

“I have high hopes,” he said. “Every September 11th, I do a video presentation and tell them about the hope and hope they should have for our nation.”

However, education alone cannot give someone hope in the face of adversity.

“Not in high school, just because it doesn’t come naturally,” Armas said. “We can give the whole program in the world without having the hope that we want our children to have for themselves. “

He said students must work around racism, anxiety, trauma, bullying and learning challenges on a daily basis in order to be successful.

“We have to help them get through this, so that they can be successful and, more importantly, they have to be able to see themselves get to this point, because if they don’t have hope, we don’t have to come up.” said Armas.

Royal Palm Beach High School is dedicated to meeting the holistic needs of all students, through a three-tier system of culture, systems and education, he said, explaining that one way of giving l he hope for students is to give them a voice through cultural organizations.

“So many of our children are so disenfranchised that they have no voice,” Armas said.

The school gives students a voice by providing many organizations to participate in, including service and leadership organizations, academic / competitive activities, performances, and special interest groups they can participate in.

He said the presidents of all these organizations meet with him in a circle of presidents once a month. “I never miss this meeting,” Armas said. “In fact, if I have another meeting that I just can’t get out of, we’ll move the Presidents’ Circle meeting, so it doesn’t clash.”

The school has been able to double its counseling department to 12 in recent years, which has helped students immensely, he said.

At least a dozen graduates of Royal Palm Beach High School are now principals or vice-principals of local schools, he noted. “These are the types of people who give our children hope,” Armas said.

Other speakers at the meeting included Central Region Superintendent Valerie Zuloaga-Haines, who said schools and students are struggling to keep pace with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our hope is that the pandemic will reduce the number of cases fairly quickly rather than slowly,” she said. “We hope our students catch up and make sure they fill this gap, so we can get them where they need to be much faster. It will take several years to get students to where they need to be.

She said some research indicates that it will take three to five years to close the learning gap.

“For some of our high school students who are preparing to graduate in the next two or three years, we don’t have three to five years, so our efforts are ‘all over the bridge’,” Zuloaga said. Hates. “The beautiful thing is that our district is totally committed to investing enough money where it’s needed to support our schools and the work our students need to do to get there.”

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Protect Information, Practice OPSEC | Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group Mon, 20 Sep 2021 20:41:05 +0000

By Cynthia Flores-Wilkin | Garrison OPSEC Program Manager, Planning Department, specialist in training, mobilization and security operations

FORT CARSON, Colorado – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) occurs when an individual uses publicly available or published sources of information, such as eavesdropping or participating in informal conversations. Many people choose a public place such as a restaurant for a meal and may be overheard or engaged in work-related conversations where they have discussed sensitive household information.

Social engineering prompts people to provide sensitive information or access. The most common type of social engineering is phishing. This scam uses a seemingly legitimate email where crooks trick people into installing malware or sending sensitive information.

Consider how easy it can be for an opponent to collect critical information about personal information. Make sure your loved ones are protected from social engineering and understand what critical information to protect.

Questions to consider when identifying a Critical Information List (CIL):

  • What is the mission or the project?
  • How can the adversary use the information?
  • Would the information support an adversary’s strategy or activities?
  • How long should the information be protected?

Know what to protect. A CIL is a list of critical information such as capabilities, activities, limitations, and intentions. Critical information can also include personal items such as personally identifiable information, health information, and travel plans.

Learn how to protect critical information and keep it safe. Learn about the vulnerabilities of families in order to protect them.

Refer to CIL when sharing information in these insecure instances:

  • Unencrypted email
  • Social media posts
  • Public conversations or even at home with family and friends
  • Travel planning
  • Personal information requests

Vulnerabilities can be observed in many ways, so OPSEC practice is a good habit.

An adversary can detect a vulnerability by observing activity, such as security procedures when entering a building or exiting a residence, such as:

  • Physical environment / work area
  • Office operating procedures
  • Obsolete computer software

The most common vulnerabilities include:

  • Use of email, social media and the Internet
  • Access to mail, garbage and recyclables
  • Predictable patterns and procedures
  • Lack of awareness of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Increased connectivity on unsecured devices

Use countermeasures to reduce the risk of critical information exposure. Countermeasures reduce the likelihood that critical information will be lost. These include learning about threats and vulnerabilities, using traditional security precautions such as physical, personal and cyber measures, and enforcing policies.

Learn and practice OPSEC to ensure household safety.

Protect information, practice OPSEC

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Biden’s plan is of great value Mon, 20 Sep 2021 09:00:00 +0000

There is a debate in Washington, DC, over President Joe Biden’s investment plan to build America back better. Conservatives argue that America cannot afford to spend so much money. The $ 3.5 trillion project invested over 10 years is $ 350 billion per year, or about 1.6% of our annual gross domestic product.

Imagine if your family faced challenges like the ones America faces today: your roof is leaking, your sewage system is failing, your heating and air conditioning is failing, your garage is on fire, your basement is flooded, your aging mother needs long-term care, your daughter wants to go to college, your youngest child needs daycare, and your wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Do you think 1.6% of your annual income would be enough to meet these needs?

It has been said that the Conservatives “know the cost of everything but the value of nothing”. What is the value of safer roads and bridges? What is the value of better educated citizens? What is the value of healthier citizens, clean drinking water and saving our planet from climate disasters? I would say the value is well over $ 350 billion per year.

We can afford billionaires to take space walks; or we can save our people and our planet.

Republicans are clearly on the side of billionaire walks in space.

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Lancers Weekend Recap – Times-Union Newspaper Sun, 19 Sep 2021 20:32:03 +0000

No.13 Columbia Ekes takes victory over Grace

WINONA LAKE, Ind. – Grace’s 16th-ranked women’s soccer team and 13th Columbia met head-to-neck in the Top 25 on Saturday.

A brief error in judgment from Grace’s defense was the only difference as Columbia escaped with a 1-0 victory.

The teams were virtually equal in all statistical categories. The Cougars had a slight 7-6 advantage in shots while Grace had a 3-2 advantage in shots on goal.

The match started with a battle in the midfield. Both top teams were patient on offense as they sought an opening.

The first shooting attempt of the match only took place after 19 minutes. The Cougars attempted a shot from a tight angle that went well away from the net.

The first truly menacing moment of the match ended with the lone goal. Grace was dispossessed in the backfield and the Cougars scored moments later with a 1v1 with Grace’s goaltender.

The Lady Lancers possessed the ball effectively but struggled to string passes into the end of Columbia’s field.

Grace was unable to generate a shot attempt before half-time despite a comfortable possession percentage. Columbia has only had two shooting attempts, including the goal.

Grace started the second half with intention and almost immediately scored. Sam Vondersaar saw a point blank shot blocked by the Columbia goalkeeper. On the free ball that followed, Tori Calizo attempted a shot in the box that went over the crossbar.

The next 20 minutes reverted to a midfield battle. The teams took turns venturing into their offensive third of the field, but neither Grace nor Columbia were able to maintain a long stay in dangerous territory.

Ashley Vandenboom and Lea Moessinger saved on penalties in the middle of the half.

In the 78th minute, Alexis Larimore attempted two threatening shots in one minute, but each try was just off target.

Larimore’s last shot at the 78:21 mark was the last shot attempt of the game for either team. The Cougars took the pressure off Grace and kept Grace at bay until the final whistle.

“It was a disappointing result for us because it was an accessible game. Our ladies prepared well for training, but our quality did not translate on the pitch today, ”said Grace’s head coach Michael Voss. “Positively, we’re still playing deep in our rotations and developing new players, and we should gain a few players this week. Our women have a great work ethic, intelligence and heart. It’s a big, strong group. potential.

The Lady Lancers have officially ended the game out of conference. Grace’s Crossroads League opener takes place at home on Saturday, September 25 against Marian, No.7.

# 5 cougars walk away after halftime

WINONA LAKE, Ind. – It was the story of two halves for Grace’s men’s soccer team on Saturday.

The Lancers hosted No.5 Columbia at a high profile reunion at 1st Source Bank Field. Grace and Columbia didn’t score a halftime goal, but the Cougars erupted in the second half en route to a 5-0 victory.

The first half was played on a tie between the two teams. Each team took turns taking possession as both teams gained a better feel for the game.

Grace’s best chances came from direct attacks, and Columbia had her best looks after free kicks and corners.

The Cougars managed a few shots late in the half, including a header into the penalty area that rose high.

The match entered at half-time with a score of 0-0. Grace only managed one shot attempt against five for Columbia. The Cougars also had the only three corner kicks of the half.

The Cougars weren’t aimless for long. Before the end of three minutes in the second half, Columbia scored twice.

Columbia converted a cross inside the box in the first minute after halftime. Before the Lancers could pull themselves together, the Cougars had scored again.

Grace’s offense gained confidence after falling into a hole early in the half. Ethan Vigario had two sharp strikes on goal.

Jordan Jayapuram marked Grace’s closest moment when her header into the box ricocheted off the crossbar.

But just as Grace’s offense was starting to kick in, Columbia struck again to take a comfortable 3-0 lead.

The Lancers kept pushing for a count. Vigario managed a few more shots and Famade Bamba’s header forced a diving save.

But again, Columbia has proven deadly with its attempts. The Cougars counterattacked calmly, finishing skillfully in the box for their fourth goal.

Columbia scored a fifth goal just before the end of the game, resulting in the final score of 5-0.

The Lancers dominated the Cougars that day by a 14-12 margin. But Grace couldn’t find the back of the net despite this advantage.

Columbia was efficient with their shooting attempts, needing only 12 shots to score five times.

Vigario led all the players with five shots, and Connor Pugh, Ze Maria Gonçalves and Bamba each shot twice.

Grace will now switch to Crossroads League play starting next week after completing a grueling non-conference schedule, a stretch that included four ranked opponents. Grace will start the road championship game on Saturday in Marian.

The Lady Lancers outlived the pilots

WINONA LAKE, Ind. – The Grace College volleyball team was outscored by No.22 Bethel 3-1 in Crossroads League action on Saturday afternoon.

The shorthanded Lady Lancers (6-9, 1-6 CL) won the first set, but failed to grab another set from the 22nd-ranked Pilots (16-3, 5-2 CL).

This match marked the third NAIA ranked opponent Grace has played in her last four games.

The opening set was hotly contested as the two points traded points for much of the game.

The Lady Lancers used a pair of mini-runs to take a 23-17 lead and were set to win the set.

The Pilots rallied to win six of the next seven points and were only led by one at 24-23.

The next rally saw Jadyn Ross attempt a pair of hard-hit attacks before finally hitting Bethel block and going out of bounds to secure the 25-23 set victory.

Ross was Grace’s offensive catalyst in the first set, racking up six kills.

Katie Swanson started the second set with a kill, but the Lady Lancers quickly found themselves in the hole as the Pilots took a 17-8 lead.

Anna Frey and Grace Erwin scored three straight runs that reinvigorated the Lady Lancers. Fueled by the turn in momentum, Grace drove 9-4 and drew 22-18.

Bethel, unfazed by Grace’s run, finally got the set 25-19.

Grace would fall in the third set in a one-sided affair. The Lady Lancers attacked at -.032 percentage en route to a 25-14 loss.

In what would prove to be the deciding set, Grace fell to a hard-fought fourth place. In the fourth set, Grace hit a .216 clip but couldn’t get past Bethel’s resilient defense.

The Lady Lancers held off three set points before losing 29-27.

Cassadi Colbert was lethal on offense with an attack percentage of 0.615 for the day. Frey totaled 17 eliminations to lead all players.

Morgan Syoen led Grace with 20 assists and Emily Peterson had 18.

Grace will be back in action Wednesday night at 7 p.m. as they travel to take on Goshen.

Men’s tennis stumbles to Marian

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Lancers hit a roadblock en route to the playoffs, losing 4-3 to Marian. Grace picked up the doubles point, but the Knights came back to win four of six singles matches to claim the victory. The loss places the Lancers (8-2, 6-2 CL) in the third seed of the next Crossroads League tournament.

Ramiro Candia and Fabricio Galvan won 6-4 in the No. 2 doubles, while Max Rozas and Milan Savic won the No. 3 doubles 6-3.

Rozas won her No.2 singles match 6-4, 6-4 to give Grace a 2-0 overall lead, but Marian snatched three straight wins to claim a 3-2 advantage. Facundo Paredes equalized the match by winning 3-6, 6-1, 10-3 in No.5 in the singles, setting the stage for the end of the final match. Ivan Antinori split the first two sets in the No.6 singles, but was unable to secure the victory.

The Lancers will host Goshen in the Crossroads League tournament on Tuesday.

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