LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Waverly Newspapers

Can anyone explain to me why the gas prices in Waverly are so much higher than in any town around us? It is not just an occasion, but rather a daily event. I’ve traveled north at least once a month since April, and Floyd’s two gas stations are always cheaper, …

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Housing Crisis Demands Action – Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

By Susy Vasquez, Las Vegas Tuesday August 3, 2021 | 2 a.m As the executive director of a multi-family association, I have witnessed a massive increase in demand for rental housing across Nevada – something that is also happening nationwide. This demand, coupled with a delay in construction and an …

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The Day – Should newspapers remove the term “Op-Ed”? Yes

This appeared in Editor and publisher Magazine. While change can be difficult, the New York Times’ decision to remove the term “Op-Ed” promotes clear communication with a new generation of readers and is a step other newspapers should consider taking. Originally derived from the location of the article opposite a …

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