Electronic Articles Highlights: January 20-26, 2022 – Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

Here are highlights of what’s been published in Echo Journal’s online e-journals over the past week. Each e-paper contains seven to nine pages of global, national, state, business, entertainment and sports news.

  • Thursday, January 20: Gasoline prices could hit $4 a gallon this spring. The Voting Rights Bill is stalled. The United States will distribute 400 million free N95 masks.
  • Friday January 21: Georgia prosecutor seeks special grand jury in Trump election investigation. Some Olympic athletes are advised to use cell phones in Beijing. Infant formula shortages are stressing some parents in Minnesota.
  • Saturday January 22: Anti-abortion advocates march through Washington, DC, hoping this will be the last time under Roe V. Wade. Rock star Meat Loaf dies at 74. What is the aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis?
  • Sunday January 23: Pfizer CEO sees annual COVID-19 vaccine instead of frequent boosters. The Winter Olympics loom as coronavirus cases continue to soar. Book reviews: “Something to hide” and “Small world”.
  • Monday January 24: The Pope recognizes women as lay ministers. The houses of the future in a warmer world.
  • Tuesday, January 25: 8,500 American soldiers on alert. The World Health Organization says the pandemic is not close to “game over”. Did Tom Brady play his last football game?
  • Wednesday January 26: Find this week’s Echo Newspaper pages, plus additional national, national, world, sports, business and entertainment news pages.

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