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Majoring in biological sciences with a concentration in health professions is already a lot for most students, but for sophomore Elijah Brown, it’s just the beginning. Hailing from the city that never sleeps, New York, Elijah is more than his title: Mister Sophomore, and the 4e HBCU Mr. People’s Choice.

Being from New York, he has much to be proud of. shows like Power Book II: Ghost, featuring Michael Rainy Jr. to Brooklyn rapper Bizzy Banks, his home state is brimming with culture. One of his favorite things about New Yorkers is their ability to “make anything fly”. He thinks New York City is the hub of music and fashion trends. Of course, as a native, he may seem biased. He cites rapper ASAP Rocky as his fashion inspiration. Elijah, who goes by the name Eli, said if money weren’t an issue he would be into fashion a lot more, perhaps as the creative director of his own clothing brand.

In addition to serving as a member of the Royal Court, Elijah must balance college with his life outside of academia. With blunt honesty, he said sometimes his mindset was “let’s go until Friday.” As an honorary student, Elijah takes rigorous classes in addition to his already busy schedule. He credits staying organized as part of his success. He is happy to be able to mark a task as completed in his schedule, which he keeps on his phone. Elijah thinks classes aren’t the hardest part of college, it’s more the responsibility of being on your own. You have to wake up, take responsibility and partially motivate yourself. One of the things that helped him was to understand his purpose.

Elijah thinks one of his goals here at Delaware State University is to make an impact. This is one of the reasons why he decided to run for the 2022-2023 title of Mister Sophomore. He feels he truly represents the class of 2025, the Dream Chasers. Besides the family atmosphere, he likes that DSU feels like a second home. It’s big enough that he can meet new people every day, but small enough that he doesn’t feel like a statistic with his peers. In freshman year, he started networking, which helped him meet many high-ranking people on campus. One of his three favorite things about DSU, along with the platform he acquired, is that it is student-run. There are many small businesses on campus, such as jewelers, beauticians, clothing brands, and more! While that’s great, all is not perfect on our illustrious campus. Our Mr. Sophomore thinks that organization is an area where DSU can improve.

As mentioned earlier, Elijah is much more than his titles; he is like his peers here at DSU. As a child, he participated in many things, such as the church choir. He also likes to dance; you can catch him on campus “getting solid”. Throughout high school, he was a triple-sport athlete. Between basketball, football and the running track, he never saw himself in a student leadership role. He credits the sport for teaching him things like discipline and teamwork. Captaining many of his teams, he feels has helped him strengthen his leadership and become more approachable, two things he plans to continue in his leadership role. As the first of his eight siblings to go out of state for college, he says that’s one of his motivations for getting there.

Some of his favorite tracks include Brent Faiyaz, a popular R&B/Soul singer, and G-Herbo, who performed on DSU’s latest Spring Adventure. Naturally, in his list of his top 5 favorite artists is a New York native, Bizzy Banks. He also enjoys watching TV shows such as Prison Break. The award-winning show which stars Wentworth Miller is about two brothers as they devise a plan to help the older brother who is wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. He also enjoys watching anime. Some of his favorites are my hero academia and fan favorite The attack of the Titans.

One of his best friends, Catherine Bertil, describes Elijah as determined, unique, selfless, and unabashed himself. Catherine, a rising sophomore majoring in biological sciences, with a concentration in health professions and a minor in psychology, is a longtime friend of Eli. In addition to having similar college studies, the two enjoy dancing together, especially to New York tunes. His favorite memory is right after losing his campaign for Mrs. Sophomore and how Elli consoled him. Due to Coronavirus-19, the couple had to talk through glass, as Cat stood outside to confide in her friend, who had recently won just as she hadn’t.

Like the rest of us, Elijah sometimes needs a snack to get through the day. Small bites are among his favorites. Mini muffins are known to be small and only come with 4 per package. Trinidadian in his culture, he also likes to eat Caribbean dishes. One of his guilty pleasures is eating a Kit-Kat a day.

After graduating from DSU in 2025, Elijah plans to attend medical school at another illustrious HBCU. He recognizes that people of color have different skin textures and wants to help African Americans with issues such as acne. He plans to pursue a career in cosmetic dermatology and bring more doctors of color into the field.

You can catch Elijah and the rest of the DSU Royal Court this fall as they host events throughout the school year. Never be afraid to approach him as he is always open to friendly conversation. For now, be sure to follow him on Instagram @elijah3rown.

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