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I want 100% escape academy? You will need more than perfect grades. To unlock the trickiest trophy/achievement in the game, you will need to find all 13 Newspapers. There is a journal in each level. Most of them are unmissable, but a few are easy to pass, especially when you are limited in time. If you skipped the logs and want to complete this challenge with minimal effort, here’s where to find all 13 collectibles in escape academy. Most of them are located in convenient places at the start of a puzzle, so you won’t have to solve everything. Most of them, anyway.

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All Collectibles | Log locations

To win the ‘Extra, Extra!‘achievement/trophy, you must find and read the logs in each escape room.

  • Newspaper #1: Presentations – At the end of the stage, in the station area. Found on a newsstand next to the phone booths.
  • Diary #2: Entrance Exam – In the main office, upstairs to the right of the orange sofa.
  • Diary #3: Escape Artist – Enter the professor’s office and find him on the desk. Puzzle Solution: [Red-Purple-Yellow-Green]
  • Diary #4: Under Pressure – In the first room, found on a metal shelf with a large rubber ducky. Read it before moving on to the second room.
  • Diary #5: The Breakout – On the desk near the locked front door.
  • Diary #6: Trial By Taste – In the large dining room accessible after being poisoned, go down the steps to the birthday party area. There is a long table with this newspaper.
  • Diary #7: The tea kettle – In the center of the greenhouse, located on a bench near the central tree.
  • Diary #8: Lab Rat – In the Break Room area with the vending machine. Found in a newsstand next to the TV.
  • Diary #9: The Rival Room – At the very beginning of the area, open the four crates. Three contain gears and one has a journal.
  • Diary #10: Where There’s Smoke – In the main library room, next to the “Wisdom Through Effort” puzzle.
  • Diary #11: Tea N’ Tea – Inside the truck trailer you have to blow the Door Buster explosive. On the table with the puzzle solution.
  • Diary #12: The Confrontation – In the main office, look in the trash can next to the director’s office.
  • Diary #13: What Lies Below – In the first room of the Puzzle Glove you will need to open several lockers. Open the locker directly to your left as you enter to find the latest journal.

That’s it! Read all 13 journals to unlock your achievement/trophy.

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