Some of you have told me that you want to crawl through my head for an hour to see what’s really going on up there.

I can assure you that is not a good idea.

Once you get past “what and when am I going to eat next,” the “I wonder if the Colts would have liked to have an offensive lineman” and “I wonder how big that bulb is in the room” , there’s piles and piles of wacky, totally disjointed thoughts right there, waiting to be plugged into something.

Today, some of them will have their chance.

I’m one of the few people who thinks the NFL’s new taunt rules are a good thing. The argument against this is “they are professionals and adults, and they can handle it”.

Well, other than looking at the reaction of the player being taunted, the sport doesn’t matter. Bat beating and long stares lead to fast balls in the rib cages. Standing above someone you’ve just dunked on is sure to sideline you.

They can’t stand it, and we shouldn’t want our young athletes to emulate that. We say we want sportsmanship. Here is the opportunity to prove it.

When it comes to football, can anyone explain why the Rams and Raiders and all the other western teams that play in the eastern timezone need to play in the first window and not at 4:00 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. ? If the game is in Seattle or Los Angeles, they won’t launch it at 10 a.m. local time, it starts at 4 a.m.

With the victory over Purdue on Saturday, Brian Kelly has as many wins as a head coach as the famous Knute Rockne.

Of course, had it not been for the plane crash that claimed his life far too soon, Rockne’s winning tally would have grown a lot more.

But I couldn’t help but think “will there be a day when Brian Kelly is loved by Notre Dame fans?”

I think even if he wins a national championship he still won’t be revered in the same way as Lou Holtz or others.

I love campfires.

Some of the best money my wife and I have ever spent has been for the humble home we built under the maple tree in our backyard. Especially in the next few weeks we will be spending a lot of time gathered around this place. You can do a lot of thinking to the rhythm of a crackling fire.

Oh, and when you fire up your campfire and take out the s’mores materials, indulge yourself – swap your standard ole chocolate bar for a cup of Reece White Chocolate Peanut Butter.

You will thank me… I promise.

I was a drummer. I guess I’m still a drummer, because you don’t really stop being a drummer even when you’re not actively playing the drums anymore.

I love high school and college football more than professional football, and a big part of that is the drum body playing catchy rhythms. There is an energy created by this sound that is unbeatable.

The Bulls and Blackhawks have announced that anyone who attends one of their games this winter will need to prove that they have been fully vaccinated.

This means that you will need to bring your vaccination card to prove that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 to watch a hockey or basketball game in Chicago, but you will not need any ID to prove. that you have the right to vote there before you cast a ballot.

A friend of mine from college, who is a well-respected member of the media in Indianapolis, asked on social media “What companies advertise sporting events before gambling sites?”

I reminded him that it was Viagra.

Not really a profession, is it?

Aaron Rodgers looks silly with long hair. He looks very insecure.

Bears fans have been shouting for Justin Fields to start as a quarterback. He played the whole second half on Sunday and looked very ordinary.

Fans don’t train every day. They have no idea who is ready to do what.

I’ll go take a nap.