Eyes on evidence of Pak PM’s ‘foreign conspiracy’ as suspense over no-confidence motion builds; Report says ‘envoy wrote a threat’

pm on Wednesday. However, Senator Faisal Javed of the PTI said the speech had been postponed, Samaa TV reported. He dismissed the idea that someone had asked Imran Khan to postpone the speech.

Meanwhile, military leaders are expected to call on Imran Khan soon. The prime minister is likely to hold a meeting of the National Security Committee to discuss the letter allegedly containing a foreign threat and received by the PTI government, Samaa TV said.

At a public rally at the Islamabad parade ground on Sunday, the prime minister claimed his government had received a ‘written threat’ from outside the country and that it was evidence of a plot funded by abroad against the rule of the PTI. The letter was sent by Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan, after his meeting with the US Secretary of State.

Other reports also claim that the letter was not written by a foreign government but by an ambassador and contained an assessment of bilateral relations between Pakistan and a Western country. Journalist Imran Riaz Khan said the letter was not shown to reporters but the contents of the letter were revealed.

“This is a conversation between two officials from Pakistan and the other country, which I understand is the United States. The government, however, did not name the country , he also did not share the number of officials or the location of the meeting, “he said. “They did not show us the letter because they are required not to share details under the law,” he said.

Imran Riaz Khan said reporters were told the language used in the letter was “arrogant and threatening”.

It is a document that says the Americans threatened that if the motion of no confidence against Imran Khan fails there will be consequences and if he wins the United States will forgive Pakistan’s mistakes, he said, reported Samaa TV.

There are some issues in the letter, such as Pakistan’s position on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, as it was said that Imran Khan decided on his own to go to Moscow, he said, adding that the Prime Minister had been criticized for his trip to Russia.

Regarding the involvement of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the episode, journalists were told that the opposition held meetings in the west and they gave the impression that Imran Khan was anti-American. The letter was also discussed at an emergency federal cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, China on Wednesday granted Pakistan’s request to postpone a huge $4.2 billion debt repayment to bring major relief to its all-time ally, which is reeling from a crisis. major economy.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, during his meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi on the sidelines of the 3rd meeting of “foreign ministers of neighboring countries of Afghanistan” in eastern China’s Anhui Province , reported on Beijing’s decision to refinance the debt. In a video message, Qureshi said Wang conveyed China’s decision to defer $4.2 billion to Pakistan to enable Islamabad to overcome the current economic crisis.

“I am extremely happy to share that Chinese FM has also given its approval for the renewal of the commercial loan,” Qureshi was quoted by Pakistani daily Dawn as saying. The $4.2 billion debt, which came due this week, has been rolled over, bringing major financial relief to Pakistan, the daily reported.

“The procedural formalities are being completed by the competent authorities. An announcement will be made as soon as they are sorted,” Qureshi said.

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