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PHILADELPHIA CREAM and Melbourne, Australia, May 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Fastmail PTY LTD, an email hosting company, is delighted to announce the launch of a pop-up sidebar that will be added to its email operating system. This new sidebar feature is designed to help users easily navigate and take action on the most meaningful parts of their email conversations.

Fastmail’s new feature comes in response to the hectic lives of its users, especially given the increase in virtual communication over the past year. The sidebar brings together the user’s emails, calendars, contacts and files in one place. This comprehensive feature will allow users to see their calendar appointments while they work, find a good time for a new meeting, learn more about the people in their conversation, and remind them when and why they have. last spoke on contact.

“We are all busier than ever and it is not enough to rely on your memory”, explains Helen Horstmann-Allen, COO. “Fastmail’s sidebar helps provide context to your conversations, whether it’s the last time you spoke with someone, the next time you see them, or your own personal notes.”

This sidebar incorporates a number of existing features offered by the email company with the aim of streamlining daily email tasks. Aggregating these intuitive features will save users valuable time without having to switch between multiple platforms. For example, users can create a new calendar event without leaving the inbox. “Fastmail’s new sidebar tools work the way you want them to, even if you didn’t expect them to be there. You can continue working as you usually do, but a lot of things require less. of steps. ” said Ricardo Signs, CTO. The sidebar also allows quick reference to contact details and contact history and offers options to perform direct actions like a call or text. The integration includes DuckDuckGo Maps for easy access to directions when needed.

“How many of us would like to have a trusted voice by our side, reminding us of how we know someone?” Asks Horstmann-Allen. “Fastmail contacts use your own email history to refresh your memory when you need it.” The Contacts tab is where customers will find the information they need to quickly access every email conversation with details about that contact’s card, such as their full name, job title, or time zone. .

Historically, Fastmail has been known for its ability to create software that works for its users, not against them. Fastmail’s core values ​​ensure that every customer is treated fairly and that good behavior is the norm. This stems from their corporate culture of human-to-human email and the encouraging connection that Fastmail is proud of. These values ​​and customer needs have been at the forefront of the development of the sidebar feature, along with an update to the Contacts tab to embody a more modern aesthetic.

For customers who might be hesitant to switch from their existing email system, Fastmail allows users to bring their email history with them. “The Fastmail importer can import any email account in minutes. So import your messages and contacts, and see for yourself!” invites Horstmann-Allen.

The sidebar function is now available to all users. With this level of connection to information, customers can make better decisions, be better prepared, and save time and energy.

About Fastmail: Fastmail is an independent, employee-owned email provider that offers what we like to call email on your end. For over 20 years, Fastmail has been a leader in email and email privacy. We believe in working for customers as people to be cared for, not as products to operate. Advertisers are left out, putting people at the center. Fastmail advances email with new Internet standards and open source innovations that are powering many email services other than ours. Visit us at


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