Fédération Internationale de Netball Announces New Corporate Identity to Become World Netball | Netball News

A new strategic plan to shape the future of netball and generate a positive impact globally was also launched alongside the rebranding of the governing body; 76 national netball associations affiliated to World Netball, grouped into five regions

Last updated: 06/03/21 9:05 am

World Netball President Liz Nicholl Says Rebranding Signals Intent to Make Real Impact in Netball World

The International Netball Federation (INF) has announced an official rebranding to World Netball, alongside the launch of a strategic plan that will shape the future of the sport and have a positive impact around the world.

The name change of the governing body reflects the significant growth in awareness and development of netball in recent years.

World Netball said “now is the time” to shine the spotlight on the sport’s reputation for providing opportunity, building communities and inspiring netball players.

The new strategic plan was created with three core strategies and seven core values. It builds on Netball 2020, which was the strategic plan launched by the FNI in 2016.

The strategy is focused on a mission to expand the reach and impact of netball around the world, building on the unique foundations of the sport focused on women.

“We are delighted to enter this exciting next chapter as World Netball,” said Liz Nicholl, President of World Netball.

“Netball is a sport that creates choices, opportunities, connections and communities for millions of people around the world. Now is the time to look to the future. By implementing our strategy to grow, play and inspire, we will achieve our ambition to create a better world through netball.

“Our new branding signals our intention to make a real impact in the world of netball, with a vision to create a sport open to all, enabling netball players to seize the opportunities that sport brings while realizing their full potential. . “

World Netball aims to create a better world through netball; inspire netball players to seize opportunities and realize their potential.

The sport is played in over 100 countries with 76 national netball associations affiliated with World Netball.

The associations are grouped into five regions – Africa Netball, Americas Netball, Asia Netball, Netball Europe and Oceania Netball – each with a respective regional federation.

Regional federations are an integral part of the global governance structure and assist in the implementation of global netball policies and the development of the sport in their respective regions.

“As we look to the future, we aim to increase the global participation, revenue and capacity of our sport, building on our strong and established position, to reach a wider audience, raise the profile of netball and expand its impact, ”added Clare Briegal, CEO of World Netball. .

“We will drive game development beyond our existing portfolio of exciting, world-class events – we look forward to welcoming even more participants and fans to our diverse netball family under the inclusive banner of World Netball.”

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