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Tallifornia Film Fund, Estonia’s first private film investment fund, was launched at the country’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, with three initial investments including an Estonia-Germany-UK co-production Sentinel.

The fund was created by Estonian production company Tallifornia and was announced at the European Film Forum industry event this week.

It will make a minimum of 15 capital investments in Estonian and international film projects over four years.

The fund, fully private financed with the participation of several Estonian investors, is managed by Rain Rannu and Tonu Hiielaid from Tallifornia. He has £ 500,000 in his first year and will make individual investments between £ 50,000 and £ 200,000. The three initial investments are all between £ 100,000 and £ 200,000.

According to the Tallifornia Fund, this “will add an equity investment component… [Estonian] public funding, tax credits and local cinema funding mechanisms.

The head of investments is Sentinel, a sci-fi thriller from Estonian director Tanel Toom, in which four soldiers from a war-torn future lead a remote ocean-based military base that separates two warring continents. It is produced by Britons Ben Pullen, Ivo Felt, Pippa Cross and Matt Wilkinson and written by Briton Malachi Smyth. All of them were at the festival this week to encourage new collaborations between the UK and Estonia.

Fund support is also Invisible combat, a kung fu comedy set in a Soviet Orthodox monastery from the 1970s. Written and directed by Rainer Sarnet, it is a co-production between Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Finland and Greece . Katrin Kissa produces for Homeless Bob Productions in Estonia.

The third investment concerns the Spanish-Estonian director Miguel Lanso Infinite summer, a genre-bender that begins with the story of the week of three young women at the beach. It is produced by Tallifornia and the American firm Savage Rose.

All three films are in post-production, having filmed this fall.

“This is a big step forward for the Estonian film industry,” said Felt. “It’s really great to see that the fund is open to both young and more experienced filmmakers.”

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Henderson Mayor March launches campaign for Lieutenant Governor Thu, 25 Nov 2021 00:29:00 +0000

Steve marcus

Henderson Mayor Debra March speaks during the construction milestone celebration at the Henderson Events Center construction site on Wednesday, October 28, 2020. The 6,000-person multi-purpose indoor events center places will be the arena of the Henderson Silver Knights.

Henderson Mayor Debra March is running for Nevada’s lieutenant governor in 2022, her campaign announced today.

The seat was vacated in September by Democrat Kate Marshall, who left for a post in President Biden’s administration. Governor Steve Sisolak has not appointed a replacement.

March, a Democrat, joins Democrat Kimi Cole and Republican Stavros Anthony, a Las Vegas city councilor, in the race.

March has been in Henderson since 2009, initially as City Councilor and since 2017 as Mayor.

As lieutenant governor, she would work to “diversify Nevada’s economy, promote reliable transportation and strengthen the state’s education system,” her campaign said.

March said she had attracted new companies to Henderson, such as Google, Amazon, Turano Bakery, K2, and Haas Automation. She also touted her work as chair of the Board of Commissioners for the Regional Transportation Commission, where her campaign said she had increased transit service to Henderson by 40%.

“As mayor, my goal has been to attract the jobs of the future that will withstand economic downturns – jobs in advanced manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, global finance and technology,” March said in the statement. “If elected, I will work to diversify the economy of the state of Nevada to ensure that all Nevadans have the opportunity to have jobs that pay a living wage. “

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Business News | Stock market and stock market news | Financial news Wed, 24 Nov 2021 12:01:46 +0000

Money control
Moneycontrol PRO

Moneycontrol PRO

The bill also decided on a definition of cryptocurrency. Any information such as code, number, socket that promises a price will be considered cryptocurrency, the sources said.

Cryptocurrency Invoice |  Government to ban private cryptocurrencies but allow existing holders to exit

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