Flashback: 1926 Midland Newspaper Ads

Not only was the Midland Sun special section portrait from November 1926 of the Town of Midland filled with stories, it was also filled with advertisements from Midland businesses.

Some of the establishments did not list addresses because the city was only so big and people probably knew exactly where they were. Phone numbers ranged from one digit (9 for calling Wilson Funeral Home) to three digits (340 for Blackhurst Chevrolet Sales.)

Only a few of the ads featured photographs, but they all “sold” their businesses rather cleverly.

Hanley Barber Shop on McDonald Street said: “You always feel your best after a close shave and haircut” while competitor Shetzley’s Barber Shop on Haley Street sold “Lucky Tiger Tonic for scalp treatments and dandruff”.

Ellanjay Variety Store at 110 East Main Street boasted “the largest assortment of ten-cent items in town” while Smith’s Dairy, near the MC tracks on George Street, touted the company’s growth. ” from a few gallons of milk and a milk route to the largest business in Midland County. “

“Delicious, quality meats” were sold at Hardy Brothers at 214 E. Main St., and “the city’s busiest fountain” was at Mac’s Confectionery, located in the Arcade building.

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