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West Chester – A former Chester County judge accused of using election funds for gambling has pleaded guilty to theft and violations of election law.

Former Magisterial District Judge J. Michael Cabry III has been charged by authorities with money from an election fund account for developing a six-figure gambling habit at various casinos in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. I did.

Cabrie has served as a county district judge since 2000 and previously headed the Association of State Special Court Judges, but was indicted by West Goshen District Judge Martin G. Goch. Its district court covered the Honeybrook area in the northwestern county.

“The accused is responsible for his actions which undermine both his authority as a judge and the public confidence,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “My office is dedicated to empowering public servants who break the law, without fear or favor. “

Cabry, 60 from West Karn, has repeatedly withdrawn funds donated to the re-elected Political Action Committee (PAC) in October 2020 and used them to gamble at casinos in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Was billed as. He also used these funds to pay for personal expenses such as laundry services, groceries and hotel stays. Cabry was also unable to submit a campaign finance report during the period of these purchases.

In a criminal complaint filed by Special Agent for Attorney General Paul Dormer, Cabry donated $ 4,000 to the 2017 re-election campaign and donated it during a gambling trip to Atlantic City, N.Y. Jersey, Harrisburg and Dover. Funds allegedly used. , Delaware, among others.

The complaint stated that Cabrie had wagered a total of over $ 110,700 in 2017, but his total loss for the year was just over $ 9,000 due to a big win of over $ 100,000 in the Delaware Park. paddy field. Nonetheless, complaints filed by Dormer claim that a review of the bank’s records in the case indicates Cabry’s finances were “terribly depleted” as he gambled on election funds.

According to bank records, Cabry visited Delaware Park at least once a week and sometimes more throughout 2017.

Cabry was first elected in 1999 and re-elected in 2005, 2011 and 2017. Judges such as Caveley, who handles criminal cases, motor and non-road tickets, and preliminary matters in small proceedings, are paid $ 93,338 per year.

Cabry pleaded guilty to theft for illegal crackdowns and violations of electoral law. He was sentenced to 12 months probation. The case was heard before Senior Judge Stephen B. Lieberman. The case was indicted by Deputy Attorney General Megan Madafari.

Former Chester County Judge Guilty of Theft, Election Law Violation – Daily Local

Source link Former Chester County judge guilty of theft and violation of election law – Daily Local

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