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Former Sen. Lyle Hillyard chats with Jason Williams on KVNU’s For the People

LOGAN – It’s a long process and it only happens every ten years and it’s now underway in Utah. A committee has been formed to tackle the redistribution. On KVNU’s For the People show Thursday, former committee member Senator Lyle Hillyard spoke about how he got involved.

“Senate Speaker Adams called me and he said ‘I know you enjoy life without the pressure, but we need help with this position.’ And he actually named me. The way the committee is constituted, the Speaker of the Senate appoints one, the President appoints one, the Senate Minority Leader and the House Minority Leader each recommend one. Then… the governor does one or two I think, then the group chooses another, ”he explained.

So Hillyard said four of them are really there by political nomination – 2 Republicans / 2 Democrats, and the rest are nominated outside of that. He said the job is important and has a specific schedule.

“Normally the numbers are released at the end of April, so you have April to around October, November. You can even pass. But now we’re not even going to get the numbers until mid-August… hopefully. And then we have to be done by November 1 because the idea is that they want the redistribution done and the bill passed by January Because January 1st, election candidates must know their district in order to begin collecting signatures. “

The former senator said he felt good about everyone who worked on the committee. He thinks they all have a legitimate idea that they want to do what’s right for the state of Utah.

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