Gardening pro shares weeding hack in the papers

A viral weed-killing hack in the papers made the rounds, so we asked gardening experts if it worked. If dandelions and crabgrass quickly take over your lawn, try putting down your Sunday newspaper and covering it with a layer of soil.

Investing in some of the best weedkillers will help keep things as clean as an English country garden. But before you go, try this eco-friendly trick to banish them for good.

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Newspaper weed removal tip

The newspaper weeding hack involves placing layers of damp newspaper over any area of ​​your garden with weeds and covering it with some soil. This starves the weeds of light or nutrients, without using chemicals.

The newspaper will gradually break down, essentially creating a whole new layer of soil. “There’s nothing more painful than picking weeds that have been crossing your patio for hours, only to have them return in a few weeks,” says Evie Lane, gardening expert at Primrose.

“Adding a layer of damp newspaper to your soil acts as a weed killer and prevents seeds from germinating in the soil or rooting above ground,” adds Evie. She explains that another benefit of using damp newspaper is that it acts as mulch during the winter months.

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The damp newspaper will help retain moisture in the soil during the colder months, keeping the soil loose and preventing it from drying out too quickly. If your lawn is overrun with weeds right now, this garden idea is worth trying, especially if you’d rather avoid harmful pesticides.

Weeds are just plants in the wrong place, and these days gardening enthusiasts are letting more and more areas of their garden become wild and welcoming to wildlife.

But it’s always a bonus to have a patch of lawn for the kids to play football on or to invite guests over for barbecues. The best lawn mowers will help you keep your lawn looking its best.

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If you don’t have spare newspapers handy, you can also try laying down cardboard from old boxes and cardboard before layering dirt on top. Are you going to try this log weed removal hack?

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