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By Nathan Rice

Guest columnist

I remember when I first arrived in Suffolk and saw a newspaper box outside a restaurant. It caught my attention because you don’t see as much of it as you used to, and it caught my attention because I noticed it was free.

I opened the box, pulled out a copy of the Suffolk News-Herald, and leafed through its pages.

It wasn’t long before I found myself deliberately stopped at places where I knew I could get a copy of that local newspaper. It was a unique idea for me: an article focused only on one area, one city. Each story was local, and most chroniclers lived or worked in the city. It was a community newspaper, and it helped me keep in touch with events in places closest to me.

I know you’re going to say I’m biased, but I love the Suffolk News-Herald. There’s something special about a newspaper that makes you feel like part of a community.

I am grateful to have an article that focuses only on current events in our city. Many news outlets report world news, national news, and news from Virginia, but the Suffolk News-Herald focuses on news that has a direct impact on this city. It helps us all stay connected to our city, and it keeps each of us informed about what’s happening closest to us.

Also, I’m grateful that most of the reviews posted on this page are from local reviewers. The Suffolk News-Herald states that part of its mission is to “serve as a forum where public opinion is valued and shared”.

Columnists share a wide range of views on many topics, and I love how the views presented come from those who live in our community. The split opinions do not come from a well-paid columnist in New York or San Francisco. The columns are from my insurer, the banker I see when I cash my check, and the pastor of the church down the street. The chroniclers are not strangers who live far away; they are my friends, neighbors and associates.

I admit I was skeptical when I first saw that the Suffolk News-Herald wanted to “play an active role in helping Suffolk grow and prosper”. I didn’t understand how a newspaper could help a town, but the more I read the Suffolk News-Herald the more I understood that it was helping Suffolk.

This column is not an advertisement for the Suffolk News-Herald. The Messenger does not tell me what to say or send me a check for my words. I just think local media is a big thing for a community, and we’re lucky to be in a city whose newspaper has remained open and in print.

Like me, I hope you have learned to appreciate the Suffolk News-Herald and will continue to support it so that it can stay around for a long time.

Nathan Rice, a Hampton Roads resident since 1988, is a branch operations manager for a regional credit union in Virginia and North Carolina. For more than 15 years, he has volunteered with children and adolescents in various organizations. He is acting pastor at the Nazarene Church in Portsmouth. His email address is [email protected]

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