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Britain’s hottest temperature on record makes headlines on a day when a heatwave sparked wildfires, people were urged to save water and experts warned we could expect more extreme heat in the years to come.

The Mirror splash title reads ’40C Britain’s burning’ in a dramatic aerial photo of burning houses in the village of Wennington on the east outskirts of London. A header at the top of the first page reads “Hottest day in history”.

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The Subway selects the record temperature of 40.3°C in blazing orange and has the title ‘Burning hot Britain’.


🔴 Inferno mayhem as temperatures hit a record high
🔴 Homes torched with motorists dodging flames #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/LmVenDxO7X

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The Sun simply says ‘Hellfire’ above a similar image and says the heatwave is ‘bringing the UK to a standstill’, but also adds ‘now rain’ at the bottom with showers and thunderstorms forecast for the next 24 hours.

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The Guardian also uses the burning houses on its front page and its startup headline reads: “‘A wake up call’: UK hits highest temperature on record”, with a warning from scientists stating that urgent action is needed to mitigate the impact of climate change on the UK.


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‘Britain is on fire as temperatures break the 40C barrier for the first time,’ says the Telegraph, which also uses the burning houses as the main image.

'Britain ignites as temperatures break 40C barrier for first time'#TomorrowsPapersToday

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In a change of tone echoed by several observers on social networksthe Mail is titled “Forest Fire Nightmare”. It comes after its title “Snowflake Britain” the day before. However, he still doesn’t see the heatwave as the main story, but rather the latest in the Tory leadership race: “Truss’ allies warn: no dirty deals behind the scenes.”

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The Time also sees Tory machinations as the main story with the main reading “Farm closing on Mordaunt”. A supposedly ‘hampered’ story at the top of the page reads ‘Record 40.3C sparks wildfires in Britain’s powder keg’, and it also promotes an article about ‘the best jerseys bath (for adults) in the summer”.

The Express says ‘Britain is burning at 40.3C’, but her lead is also the Tory race and she – like the Mail – appears to favor Liz Truss with the gushing headline: ‘Surging Truss: You can trust me to be bold and reduce bills”.

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The I says ‘Tinderbox UK soars to a record 40.3C’ while also reporting that ‘Jubilant Truss is reigniting his campaign to become Prime Minister’.

It was also very hot in Scotland, the Daily recording notes, with a new record high of 34.5C set at Charterhall in the Borders. “Britain is burning” says the splash.

The FinancialTimes has an image story to signal the weather – “Burning Britain: Houses blaze in record heat” – but its lead is “ECB and BoE follow Fed’s lead with signal for more hawkish rate hikes”

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