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Hundreds of police officers community members paid tribute to Chicago police officer Ella French who was killed Monday night in southwest Chicago.

A 29-year-old Frenchman was shot dead on Saturday evening, August 7, while the transport was stopped. His partner and a member of the Chicago Police Department’s community safety team, I was hospitalized in dangerous condition. It has been said that the unnamed man “fought for his life”.

“Tonight, at Block 6300 in South Bell, officers from District 10 and the Community Safety Team hosted a prayer service and balloon release in memory of their love for late Officer Ela French. #Never forgetThe Chicago Police Department released Twitter, With photo, Monday evening.

“We will continue to be your prestigious French officer,” the department tweeted.

“Constable Ella French was killed by a coward while stopping traffic with her partner. We have lost our sister in blue. Today, Ella’s family, friends and fellow officers are in mourning and our hearts are turned to them. What an incredible loss for this city, this state and this country as a whole, ”the Chicago Police Brotherhood – Chicago Lodge 7 said Monday evening. Tweeted.

Policewoman Ella French, 29, was shot dead during a traffic blackout in Chicago on August 7. (@ Chicago_Police / Zenger)

Two brothers have been charged with the death of a Frenchman.

Emonte Morgan, also known as Monte Morgan, 21, Charged with Murder of Police Officer, Attempted Murder of Police Officer (2 counts), aggravation of illegal use of weapons and illegal use of weapons by a serious offender It was. by Cook County Law Firm ..

According to the Cook County District Attorney’s Office, Eric Morgan, 22, has been charged with exacerbating the illegal use of weapons, the illegal use of felony weapons and obstructing justice against his role in criminal charges. ..

The balloon release on Monday was part of the alert in honor of corrupt officer Ella French. (@Chicago_Police / Zenger)

Police say Emonte Morgan shot a Frenchman and shot his partner three times. Police alleged that Erick Morgan drove a car pulled by a policeman because the tag had expired.

The two men were ordered to be detained on Tuesday without bail.

The third individual, Jamal Danzy, 29, charged by the federal prosecutor’s office with a federal firearms violation in connection with the case, the Cook County law firm said.

When she went to the hospital after her French partner was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, dozens of uniformed police turned their backs on Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

The Frenchwoman, mother of a two-month-old daughter, was the first female police officer to die on duty in Chicago. Irma Lewis 1988.

Police said 10 people were shot dead and 73 injured in Chicago last weekend.

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post Video: Hundreds of people stay awake all night to honor policewoman who was killed in traffic blackout. First appeared Zenger News.

Hundreds of people stand vigil in honor of policewoman killed during traffic stop – Westside Story Newspaper – Online

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