Independent Oakland newspaper ransacked overnight

The Oakland Post, Northern California’s largest black weekly, was robbed overnight and the intruder caught on camera.

The weekly’s downtown office was messy on Wednesday and covered in glass after a burglar struck in the middle of the night.

Paul Cobb, the newspaper‘s publisher, said the intruder tried to steal a flat-screen TV and searched the offices.

“We got broken into, our office was ransacked. They tried to pull the computers off the wall, but I guess they were in a hurry and couldn’t take them,” Cobb said.

Business manager Brenda Hudson said, “We have to be prepared. It’s the wild Wild West.”

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Hudson said the thief took an audio recorder, credit cards and cameras used by reporters.

Surveillance video captured the suspect on a bicycle and using a card to open the front door.

He takes his bike inside and helps himself.

The burglar also broke into an office used by the non-profit organization OCCUR.

“Stole the whole check. Our debit cards, they already used them,” said Sondra Alexander, the organization’s executive director.

The break-in happened just weeks after a stretch of 14th Street was renamed in honor of Chauncey Bailey, the Oakland Post reporter who was fatally shot in 2007.

“I’m just happy to be alive. I’m happy not to be here and I’m happy that none of our staff were injured. As you know we have suffered the loss of Chauncey Bailey, our famous editor,” Cobb said. .

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