iSwiss arrives on the main international newspaper, after Forbes Monaco also Bloomberg.

iSwiss, stemming from a small banking company born in Lugano, Switzerland, conquers the main international newspapers and gains in prestige. After Forbes Monaco, it is also Bloomberg which is interested in this company.

“iSwiss is an emerging unique platform that provides exclusive services for banking and insurance sector. This is how Bloomberg Europe opens the article relating to the Swiss company iSwiss. Indeed, on July 24, an article was published in the international newspaper concerning the Swiss bank. In it, various themes concerning Fintech were discussed.

For example, the particular service called: insurtech was discussed. It offers the very useful possibility of insuring almost any type of vehicle thanks to a multilingual platform. Through insurtech it is possible to insure cars, planes, real estate and even loans. The platform in general and the main services it offers were then described. Here, an interview of the CEO of iSwiss: Christopher Aleo, is reported:

“The key word is simplicity, online services like apps are good, but customers are looking for for a personal relationship with their bank and cannot be managed by automated bots. This is why we combine online services with the opening of a network of shops where customers can gopersonal transactions such as depositing or withdrawing cash or discussing their needs with our managers. – he says again – Savings on operating costs allow us to offer advantageous conditions to our customers, one of the most popular services we offer is credit insurance to energize and secure relationships between individuals. – then he ends by saying- The system as designed give the debtor a second chance. Banks record and store for years the names of those who were late or non-paying for one reason or another, effectively excluding these people from receiving future funding. It is a kind of “damnatio memoriae” which reduces the person to live on the margins of society, stigmatized as a deadbeat”.

These words summarize some of the key points of the services offered by iSwiss such as, for example, the possibility of interacting directly with executives rather than with online bots. Mention is also made of the possibility of taking advantage of effective credit insurance and of benefiting from it for those who, as Aleo says, have in the past been marked as defaulters by the banks.

As written in the title, over the past period iSwiss has found its way into some of the largest and most prestigious international newspapers such as Forbes Monaco and Bloomberg. This gave him fame and formalized his importance in the world panorama. To comment on this, iSwiss CEO Dr. Christopher Aleo used the following words:

“It is certainly a great honor that our reality has reached the most important financial center in the world newspapers in such a short time, we are warmly honored. Soon we will announce new and important news about new products.

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