KCR renamed Congress plans and fooled people, says Jana Reddy

Nagarjunasagar: Kunduru Jana Reddy, the congressional heavyweight and a seven-time veteran MP for Nagarjunasagar (known as Chalakurthy constituency until 2009), faces the toughest battle of her political career spanning nearly four decades of two political newcomers – from the TRS and the BJP – in the Nagarjunasagar Assembly bypoll scheduled for April 17. He was first elected as a TDP MP in 1983. With the exception of the Assembly polls of 1994 and 2018, Jana won the MP post for seven terms and served as minister for a record 17 kinds in Telugu politics.

Jana Reddy is counting on his own image to win votes this time around, aside from the sympathy factor he lost in the 2018 election. He is giving the campaign a boost by derailing the development he made as as deputy and minister. He also challenges the TRS ruling that he would stay home without campaigning if they are willing to do the same and let voters decide who is better, based on who has done what so far.

In an exclusive interview with Deccan Chronicle at her Nagarjunasagar residence, Jana Reddy explains why it is important for people to elect congressional candidates in the bypoll, and adds that it is necessary to save democracy in Telangana and control abuses. of monetary power in elections, “which has become a norm under the TRS rule over the past six years.”

Q: Why are you proposing to challenge this circumvention without campaigning and challenge the ruling TRS to do the same?

A: This is just a bypoll. Congress will not form government if it wins that seat, and a Congressional government will not fall if it loses that seat. For TRS too, this theory holds good. The result of this bypass will have no impact on the TRS government. In this scenario, let’s stay at home and leave the decision to the voters.

TRS says that they developed Nagarjunasagar constituency during their six-year reign and that I haven’t done anything for the past three decades. Let the voters decide who did what. On behalf of the campaign, the TRS is deploying a large contingent of leaders and ministers. They entice voters with money, alcohol, and other incentives. When they claim that all the development has been done by TRS, where is the need for all this hungama?

Q: But campaigning in elections is the right and responsibility of political parties.

A: I totally agree. Unfortunately, the TRS had completely commercialized the elections since taking office in 2014. We have never witnessed such abuse of monetary power and the government apparatus in elections.
witness now.

Q: What were your accomplishments as a seven-time MP for Nagarjunasagar?

A: I worked for the development of the constituency and I managed to solve many problems that the people face. My riding is surrounded by forests and irrigation projects. Obtaining forestry and environmental approvals to undertake development programs is a Herculean task. Despite this, I got clearances to lay BT roads stretching over 975 km, more than what KCR did for their constituency. I could get approval for a drinking water system worth Rs 25 crore. The entire land in Nagarjunasagar was under the responsibility of PWD but in 1983 I helped provide the property to residents of 2000 neighborhoods. for a nominal payment of Rs 100 on Nagarjunasagar.

Thanks to my efforts, the sanctions imposed on people under the pretext of unauthorized construction were also revoked by the state government in 1985. A boarding school was established in Nagarjuna Sagar about 35 years ago. Of the three boarding schools created at the time in the united PA,
one came to Nagarjuna Sagar through my efforts.

Q: Yet were you defeated in the 2018 election?

A: As the ruling party, the TRS engaged in a blatant abuse of power to defeat me in 2018. They went to the point of threatening beneficiaries of social protection schemes whose names would be removed.
the list of beneficiaries if the TRS candidate has not been elected. Despite this, I lost by a small margin of 7,700 votes. I polled 76,000 votes and TRS got 84,000 votes. This is not an easy task.

Q: But opposition parties say that you are afraid to campaign because people would ask about the lack of development in Nagarjunasagar during your tenure as MP and Minister.

A: The TRS leadership is lying about the lack of development of Nagarjunasagar during my tenure. I am ready for an open debate with anyone on this issue.

Q: TRS is campaigning for its social protection and development programs to reach every household.

A: This is yet another lie. The TRS welfare regimes are nothing more than a continuation of the Congressional government welfare regimes that have also reached every household. It was the Congressional government that introduced pensions for the poor, free energy for agriculture, exemption from crop loans, the Arogyasri, reimbursement of expenses, scholarships. What KCR did was just rename those shots. He didn’t even manage to properly implement the renamed schemas. What he did again was Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bima. But he stopped all other financial aid, subsidy programs for farmers like interest-free loans, pavala vaddi loans, as well as Rs 5 lakh compensation for farming families who committed suicide, and he did so. done under the guise of Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bima. The end result is that farmers now receive the same financial assistance they used to get during terms of Congress. Congress has built new irrigation projects in the Nalgonda district. I dare KCR to show at least one new project that he started and completed in Nalgonda district or elsewhere in the state.

Q: The ruling party maintains that you were rejected in 2018 and that the people of Nagarjunasagar elected Nomula Narasimhaiah for five years until 2023. Due to Narasimhaiah’s untimely death, this bypass happened and it would have been ideal for Jana Reddy to hand over the seat to Nomula’s family instead. to challenge again against the will of the people?

A: I am ready to quit this election even today if KCR launches a public appeal to my party high command to leave the seat to TRS in the bypoll. I made this suggestion earlier as well, but there was no response. If KCR makes this call, I will endeavor to convince my party’s high command to allow me to withdraw from this bypass.

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