A representative of the Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation briefed the Kosciusko County Redevelopment Commission on Thursday on the projects KEDCO was working on.

Greg Fitzloff, business development partner at KEDCO, said housing was one of the county’s big issues.

He told the Commission about the Hoosier Homes program, which is a down payment assistance tool that helps individuals and families purchase homes in approved areas of the state. Kosciusko County Commissioners have passed a resolution authorizing the implementation of the Hoosier Homes program throughout the county.

Fitzloff said he thinks the benefits of the program will be seen in the county.

Fitzloff also informed the Commission of projects in towns in the region.

He said KEDCO is close to selecting a developer to build a project in Milford.

The local area planning committee will look at the options and maybe refine the options and get this project started, he said. He said he gave Milford City Council an idea of ​​the house price range, between $250,000 and $300,000. Potential developers were asked to make proposals for the development of the exact price range with current building price information.

On Tuesday, KEDCO met with Etna Green Town Council. Fitzloff said he believed that in December or January, KEDCO spoke to the Commission about serving as an agent for Etna Green since the city does not have its own redevelopment commission.

Etna Green has a housing project where a site assessment has been carried out. The assessment came back “very positive”, he said. KEDCO chatted a bit with some developers.

KEDCO updated the Board on Tuesday on the progress of the project. Fitzloff said at the board meeting in June that he would eventually consider adopting policies that will allow KEDCO to enter into a purchase agreement for the property.

Regarding the Commission’s role, Fitzloff said KEDCO will return to the Commission for the Memorandum of Understanding for the Commission to act as agent for Etna Green. He plans to have a conversation with Superintendent of Schools Triton if the superintendent feels comfortable with a district funding residential tax increases in that area.

Etna Green also recently voted to annex property on Old 30 east of Winona Powder Coating in the town of Etna Green. The property is in the far west of a TIF county.

Once the owner begins building on the property, which is expected to begin in 2023, the property will be removed from the TIF and included within the city limits, he said.

Commission counsel Adam Turner asked if the recently annexed property would be part of the residential TIF. Fitzloff said it wouldn’t be in a residential TIF. There may be something in the future where this property needs to be placed in a different TIF.

Turner said that if it is decided to put the annexed property into a TIF, the timeline is pushed back to support having the TIF in place by 2023. Fitzloff said the Board has already approved asking the Commission to be their agent to initiate the process. .

Commission Member Joni Truex asked if the Commission could have a summary of what KEDCO is requesting from the Commission. Fitzloff said KEDCO is not asking the Commission for anything at this time. He raised the subject of TIFs to inform the Commission so that when they brought anything before the Commission, they would know.