Laverne Cox will take over from “Live From E!” Red carpet cover, replacing Giuliana Rancic | Entertainment

Just days after Giuliana Rancic announced that she would no longer host E! red carpet cover, the network has unveiled its replacement for Live from E!.

Laverne Cox will direct the cover of the iconic red carpet of E! Starting with the 2022 awards season. Orange is the new black The star and lawyer will also host a series of special celebrity interviews highlighting trendsetters, taste makers and those making an impact in Hollywood. Check out footage of her on the red carpet with E! in the video below.

“I am so excited and deeply honored to host the iconic cover of E! On the red carpet. For many years, I would wake up early on award days, put on my snacks, and look at the cover of E! All day, ”Cox said in a statement. “I dreamed of walking on red carpets. Now, not only have I had several fun and amazing personal red carpet moments, but I can also be a red carpet guide for the discerning audience of E! And chat with my colleagues and the people I deeply admire for these very special events in their lives. . Can’t wait to get started while hopefully serving up fashion fantasies for the ages honey. “

“Laverne Cox is a risk taker, revolutionary trailblazer and fashion tour de force,” Jen Neal, Executive Vice President, Live Events, Specials and E! News, NBCUniversal Television & Streaming, added. “As we continue to evolve the way we cover Hollywood’s Biggest Nights, Laverne’s passion and in-depth knowledge of the fashion community resonates with our audience and we can’t wait to see her shine. other side of the velvet rope.

Rancic’s departure comes after hosting the red carpet cover of E! For 20 years. In a statement on Instagram, she revealed that she has a new development agreement with NBCUniversal through which she will “produce and bring stories to life.”

In addition to playing the role of Sophia Burset on Orange is the new black, Cox TV credits include The blacklist, The Mindy project, and Doubt. She will also star in the upcoming Shonda Rhimes series. Invent Anna on Netflix.

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