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For the publisher:

I was a loyal Boston Globe subscriber for years, but due to its relentless tilt to the left, I eventually felt compelled to unsubscribe and move on.

Likewise, the Newburyport Daily News is now testing the limits of tolerance with its daily dose of disrespect to Tories and Republicans through its editorial page political cartoons.

Several recent cartoons criticizing Georgia’s attempt to tighten postal voting requirements are just the latest examples of its leftist bias.

The first example is a two-panel caricature by Lee Judge. The initial sign displayed a voter ID card and was titled “Vote”. The second panel featured an AR-15 rifle and was titled “Buy a Gun”. The caption: “Guess which Republicans want to make it harder.”

A few days later, a two-panel Mike Smith cartoon was printed featuring talking elephants (Republicans). In the first panel, an elephant asks, “What if our plan to restrict voting doesn’t work?” The second panel shows a voting booth surrounded by a chain-link fence surmounted by an accordion wire with the caption: “Then we go to plan B.”

The problem with these hugely misleading cartoons is that Georgia’s electoral reform laws broadened access to the vote and did absolutely nothing to restrict voting.

Senator Tim Scott, RS.C., provided an immediate response to President Biden’s recent speech to Congress: “The state of Georgia has passed a law that expands advance voting, preserves mail voting without excuse. . and didn’t. Cut back on Election Day hours. If you actually read this law … it will be easier to vote early in Georgia than in Democratic-led New York. But the left won’t want to. let you know, a law they haven’t even read. Fact-checkers called the White House for misrepresentation. President absurdly claims it’s worse than Jim Crow. it here? I’ll tell you: a takeover in Washington. outrage is supposed to justify the Democrats’ sweeping new bill that would support elections for all 50 states. “

Although Scott provided an effective counterpoint to the attack on Georgia’s sovereignty by the Biden administration, there is no hint of it in the News. Sadly, these cartoons are just a drop in the bucket in the daily anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and anti-Trump “resistance” agenda broadcast by the News and its comrades in the mainstream media.

Local newspapers play an important role in the community both as a small business and a source of local news and information. They should be supported.

And, of course, the News is free to publish opinions it holds dear. But instilling his readership, especially the high school students he seeks to engage, with an instinctive distrust and disgust for their friends and neighbors with different political leanings is a source of division and intolerance.

Maybe demonizing the Conservatives is good business. But maybe, like The Globe, the News will see more Conservatives looking elsewhere for truthful and less insulting sources of news and commentary.

Scott Fallavollita

West Newbury

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