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Lily James has learned how much she values ​​her female friendships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 32-year-old actress got closer to her ‘The Pursuit of Love’ co-star Emily Beecham after filming the drama during the lockdown, during which she reached out to all of her friends online, strengthening her bond with them all.

In an interview with Closer magazine, she said: “The endless zooms we’ve had in lockdown have made us see what female friendship means to us and the impact on our lives. each other. And ‘The Pursuit of Love’ is really two girls and their friendship – they are soul mates. I think girl friendships can be the most vital in your life. “

The BBC One series sees Lily as Linda Radlett and Emily as her best friend Fanny Logan, who sets out to find their ideal husband but goes their separate ways as one settles down for love and the other seeks something different of life.

However, Lily believes that she was both characters at a point in her life where she sought love and at another time when she wanted something more.

She explained, “We all have Fanny and Linda within us – and at different times in your life you are more of Fanny or Linda. This is what is so powerful about the story – these two women are deeply relatable. You don’t have to. be one or the other! “

Additionally, the series was one of the first shows to resume filming after the UK’s first lockdown and the cast had to stick to very strict guidelines on set.

She said: “We all had colored bands that told us which group or bubble we were in. So if someone came out of there you would be isolated. There was no scenario and we didn’t have any. the right to touch anything someone else had touched. It was different with the actors, because we had to touch each other while filming. But it was very strict. “

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