Live Updates: Russia invades Ukraine

The UK will provide an additional $53m (£40m) in humanitarian aid to Ukraine amid the Russian invasion of the country, according to the UK Prime Minister’s Office.

The additional aid was granted following talks between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Ukrainian counterpart, President Volodymyr Zelensky, and meetings with Ukrainian community leaders in London over the weekend.

The funding will help “aid agencies respond to the deteriorating humanitarian situation, creating a lifeline for Ukrainians with access to basic necessities and medical supplies such as medicine, syringes, bandages and wound care kits,” according to the press release.

During their conversation on Saturday evening, Zelensky informed Johnson of the “critical need for humanitarian assistance as people are forced to flee their homes and seek safety,” the press release said.

As concerns grow among Ukrainians living in the UK, Johnson said on Sunday that “anyone settled in the UK will be able to bring their immediate family members from Ukraine to join them here.”

Johnson underlined in the statement that the UK “will not turn its back at a time when Ukraine needs it”, adding that this latest package “brings the full amount of UK Government aid pledged to the ‘Ukraine this year to 140 million pounds sterling’, which is equivalent to 186 million dollars.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss added that the funding would help Ukraine “address what is becoming a humanitarian crisis”.

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