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From October 3 to 9 is celebrated National Newspaper Week. Enid News & Eagle is the primary source of local news for Enid, Garfield County, and much of Northwestern Oklahoma. Enid News & Eagle is published six days a week in print and via an online electronic edition and 24 hours a day online with regularly updated stories, information, events and opinions on enidnews.com and on Facebook.

Enid News & Eagle is proud of the journalists serving our coverage area. In honor of their work, News & Eagle will publish information about each of our journalists and editors this week.

Alexander Ewald, Editor-in-Chief and Journalist Alexander Ewald is a journalist and editor-in-chief who has worked in the newspaper industry since completing a group project in fifth grade. In high school, he interned at his local newspaper and eventually ran the student newspaper.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area but with family in the Tulsa area, Ewald decided to move to the Midwest to study journalism at the University of Oklahoma, and he has since remained in the Sooner State. During the school year, he held several positions at the OU Daily, while in the summer he interned as a journalist at the weekly Oklahoma Gazette and then at Muskogee Phoenix, another CNHI daily.

Alexander Ewald, editor / reporter

Ewald graduated with a BA in Journalism in the spring of 2013 before moving to Enid in the fall to join the News & Eagle team. Initially hired as the editor for the design of the Daily News Bureau pages, Ewald also took charge of the design of the weekly Vance Airscoop publication in 2017, while writing the occasional occasional writer.

Then, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, he began to do regular reporting, first covering Enid Town Commission meetings, then public school board meetings in Enid, before regularly resuming the city and school beats and contributing to ETown magazine, as well. He also still works for the news bureau, while occasionally photographing his own stories.

“Covering these parts of our community is incredibly rewarding personally in many ways,” said Ewald. “Part of my job is to be creative in the way I create a story or conduct an interview to get the most unique quotes, so I feel a greater sense of purpose that way. But I also like to learn new things that I can then explain to others in our area, who hopefully would like to learn something new as well.

Ewald lives in Enid with his two dog children, Charlie and Lizzie.

Kat Jeanne, reporterKat Jeanne (formerly known as Kat Kuhlmann Lunn) is a reporter for Enid News & Eagle. She began her journalism career in 2014 when she began writing and reporting part-time for Alva Review-Courier and Newsgram.


Kat Jeanne, journalist

She began her education at Northwestern Oklahoma State University and graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Kat was previously marketing and communications manager for the Northwestern Foundation & Alumni Association at Alva.

Kat began her role at News & Eagle in August 2021.

She grew up in Oklahoma, always surrounded by writers and photographers. Kat attributes much of her current career interests to her education.

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