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Sunday marked the start of National Newspaper Week.

Sponsored by the managers of the newspaper association, it is a week that has been dedicated over the past 81 years to recognize the service of newspapers and their employees.

This year’s theme is the Community Forum and it comes as a timely reminder, given the ever-increasing attacks on the individual rights we all enjoy as Americans, and the men and women responsible for monitor them.

Developed alongside the Relevance Project, the theme is designed to show that in order to have an enlightened democracy there must be knowledge of information, trust in newspapers and a critical examination of the issues that affect the community.

An important part of this equation is the efforts of journalists, who work tirelessly every day to keep you informed and defend the rights and freedoms we enjoy. It is a job that has never been easy, and it has become even more difficult in recent times, thanks to daily attacks from all sides, with claims of “fake news” and “lies” thrown daily at all levels of government

The Weirton Daily Times is known in the business world as a community newspaper. On its pages you will find daily news that is important to you – a mission that we have been fulfilling daily since June 21, 1928. We have reported countless stories from that time, stories that offered new perspectives on your friends and neighbors, stories that made readers think, and stories that helped hold local and regional government officials accountable.

Without this constant flow of unbiased information, residents of the area would find it difficult to make good decisions about things that affect their daily lives and to form their own opinions. Dissenting opinions are important – they encourage conversation and reflection, and are essential to the proper functioning of our democracy. We feature daily op-eds, local editorials and syndicated columnists, and we invite readers to share their opinions weekly by writing letters to the editor or via guest columns.

Keeping our freedoms, holding the government and elected officials accountable and defending citizens at several levels is asking a lot of our journalists and our newspapers.

This is a challenge that we gladly take up because these fundamental rights described in the First Amendment must be protected.

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