Looking past Beer Bikes jacks

Photo courtesy of Campanile

Wiess’ laundry room was filled with newspapers.

By Nithya Shenoy 4/5/22 11:40 PM

Jacks, or residential college pranks, are age-old traditions that are especially popular during Beer Bike week. The Thresher scoured the archives to rediscover old Beer Bike jacks, which included everything from stealing the swing set at Hanszen College to dyeing the commons at Will Rice College.

The baker’s orange car, 1987

In 1985, a Bakerite donated a car, painted Baker Red and named Datziki, to the residential college. The day before the 1987 Beer Bike Parade, the students realized that the car’s engine wasn’t working. A student was able to fix the car and left it in the Baker-Lovett quad, but that night Jones students hacked Baker into painting Datziki bright orange. When the bakers found out what had happened the next day, they immediately got to work and painted over the orange to make Datziki look like it had flames. This led to other colleges singing “The College from Hell” at the Beer Bike Parade, a nickname that has stuck with Baker ever since.

Newspaper in the laundry room, 2006

Photo courtesy of Campanile

Wiess’ laundry room was filled with newspapers.

Almost all of Rice’s students have found themselves in a situation where they were unable to use the laundry room due to clothes being left in the washers or dryers. But once, the whole room was filled with something else. In 2006, students Bobby MacGregor, Patrick Doody and Evan Miller filled the Wiess College laundry room with newspapers. Safely, no one at Wiess was able to do the laundry that day.

Blocked Martel Commons, 2008

Photo courtesy of Campanile

The brownies piled up the furniture in the Martel commons.

The commons of a residential college are a gathering place for students, except when the entrance is obstructed by furniture. In 2008, a group of Brown College students hacked Martel College in the week before Beer Bike by blocking the entrance to their commons with Martel’s own furniture.

A Tree by Harry Hanszen, 2013

Photo courtesy of Campanile

Hanszen left a banner and a tree at Duncan Commons.

Hanszenites often demonstrate their academic pride by writing “HFH”, a nod to their founder, Harry Hanszen. In 2013, Hanszen students left a sign with their signature in the Duncan College commons next to the trunk of a tree they had cut down and brought inside.

From Martel to a parking lot, 2013:

Over the years, other residential colleges have referred to Martel as a “parking lot” and not a college since it was built on what was once a parking lot in the early 2000s. Playing off that joke in 2013, the Jonesians have measured the Martel Commons as if they were about to begin building a parking lot. The bakers also created an online petition, which garnered 253 signatures, to “condemn” Martel’s dormitory and replace it with something more “useful”. Addressed to the U.S. government, the petition asked that “if the government wishes, we could remove this horror and replace it with something much more useful, like a parking lot or a petting zoo.”

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