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Mallory Hicks Garrison, 85, of South Portland and Squirrel Island, died September 1, 2022.

Mallory, affectionately known as Gogo by her grandchildren and those who adored her, was born July 1, 1937, in Neptune, New Jersey, and spent her childhood in Highland Park and Short Hills. Mallory attended Short Hills Country Day School and Kent Place School, where she enjoyed playing field hockey, horseback riding, and battling her parents for the convertible.

After high school, Mallory attended Bradford Junior College in Haverhill, Massachusetts and Reed Hall in Paris, France. She loved her time in Europe, where she dined on an aircraft carrier, befriended the Blue Angels, hid her American roots from tourists who asked her for directions, and had to attend an entire conference after a bird dropped something on her head before she knew enough French to explain to her teacher what had happened.

After returning from Paris, Mallory became a member of the New York Junior League. She married in 1961 and spent three years in Charlottesville, Virginia, in charge of the admissions office at St. Anne’s School. Mallory then moved to West Hartford, Connecticut. She joined the West Hartford Junior League, where she held several positions, including helping run the Clothes Horse, where her children spent endless hours hiding among the clothes racks. In addition to her work with the Junior League, Mallory volunteered at Hartford Hospital, where she was hired to lead volunteer services and completed her CPR and EMT training. This training was put to good use one night at the Hartford Golf Club, saving another club member from choking on his dinner, an event that earned him a prize, along with some free drinks.

In 1984 Mallory moved to Cape Elizabeth, Maine where she began her real estate career, spending the next 27 years as a broker in Portland with Harnden Realty, then as a landlord and broker with Town & Shore Real Estate, and finally as a Senior Vice President of Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty. During her real estate career, Mallory served as secretary of the Portland Realtors Women’s Council and served on the South Portland Assessment Review Board.

Squirrel Island was Mallory’s real home, where she spent all her summers. She has supported the island community in a number of ways, including as president of the Ladies Improvement Association, as a board member, and as a co-founder of the much-neglected Ladies Island Boating Association (LIBA). His island family includes many wonderful people across the generations, and an ever-growing number of them are waiting to share a cocktail and watch the endless sunset while reminiscing about their youth spent dancing at the island’s casino, playing jokes and swimming. in the water tower.

Mallory is survived by her three daughters, Krista Mallory Garrison and her partner, Mark Austin of South Portland; Nina Hooe Garrison and her husband Donald Legere of South Portland; Helen (Lyn) Garrison Estavillo and her husband Jason of Piedmont, California, and her beloved grandchildren, Mallory Dawn Garrison, Kathryn (Katie) Elizabeth O’Hare, Ryan Douglas O’Hare, Jillian Erin O’Hare, Gabrielle (Gigi) Garrison Estavillo, Sloane Wallace Estavillo and Eleanor (Emmie) Mallory Estavillo.

Mallory will be remembered for her unique blend of old-fashioned charm, great strength, independence, and her ability to convey exactly how she felt without uttering a negative word.

A service will be held at 11 a.m. on September 10 at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Cape Elizabeth. More information can be found at

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, in recognition of Mallory’s abiding love for her many cats and dogs, and animals of all kinds.

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