Maple Ridge Newsboy Receives a T-Shirt from a Reader for a Job Well Done

Marcus Tamba loves delivering newspapers.

He enjoys spending time with his father, Bogdan Tamba, who pulls the cart while passing newspapers from house to house.

The 12-year-old boy also enjoys the exercise he does.

“It helps because I play competitive sports. Exercise definitely helps my cardio,” he said, adding that on top of all that he was getting paid.

“I really enjoy helping my community,” he said.

And his hard work does not go unnoticed. Recently, he received a special gift from one of his clients – a handmade T-shirt that read, “I’m not a paperboy, I’m a media distribution agent”.

The reader, Bobbi Browne, told her she was very grateful for her service.

“She really liked the fact that every time a newspaper came in, it didn’t get thrown away or like it was scattered all over the place. It was nice and neat above her table on her porch,” Marcus said.

“I thanked her a lot because it was very nice,” he said of his gift.

Marcus and his family are there all the time with their cart, Browne said.

“Rain or shine,” she said, adding that Marcus will leave the paper on his porch and put something on it so it doesn’t blow away.

“He’s very caring when he’s doing his job,” Browne noted.

Browne said that when she gave the shirt to Marcus, he simply threw it over the shirt he was wearing and exclaimed, “It’s okay!”.

“It just got me in, it got my heart going,” Browne said.

Marcus, started his paper route along Tamarack Lane in October 2020.

He delivers newspapers to every house in Tamarack Lane starting at the bottom of the hill.

“I do about 90 houses,” he explained.

With the money from the road, Marcus was able to buy his first gaming consul, a PlayStation – and also a puppy, Reaya, a border collie/Australian shepherd mix, who is now one year old.

That year, when Marcus was saving for Reaya, Marcus received donations from readers for his puppy fund.

Another time, a reader gave Marcus a cold beer for his dad so he could sit back and relax when he finished the course.

Last Christmas, he received about fifteen cards.

“I feel like the people in this neighborhood are very nice,” he said.

His mother, Olguta Tamba, couldn’t be more proud of her son.

The Romanian said when she arrived in Canada with her husband 15 years ago, they only had two suitcases each and had to sleep on the floor. So, she says, they know that feeling a person gets when they’re able to get something they really want by working it themselves.

“You can’t put a price tag on that,” she said.

Marcus, who is an honor roll student at school with the goal of becoming an engineer one day, credits his mother for his money’s worth.

Last year he bought himself a mountain bike with money from the road.

“Now I’m saving to buy myself – I also spend a little on the way there but – I’m saving to reach the ultimate goal of being 16, being able to buy a car,” he said.

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Marcus Tamba with his father, who helps him with his deliveries. (news special)

Even his dog Reaya helps Marcus Tamba deliver the papers, along with his younger sister Anya.  (news special)

Even his dog Reaya helps Marcus Tamba deliver the papers, along with his younger sister Anya. (news special)

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