Meet the Candidate: Peter Peckarsky for US Senate

By Dylan Deprey

Pierre Peckarsky

A candidate may say he’s going to ask the hard questions, but when the time comes, will he really?

Peter Peckarsky said it seemed like yesterday when he asked Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, if he “had retained the services of a lawyer for a defense against a possible perjury charge?”

The issue concerned discrepancies in Kissinger’s testimony regarding his knowledge of former President Richard Nixon’s secret group “The Plumbers” and the Watergate scandal.

While that 1971 press conference ended in an uproar, Peckarsky hopes to upend the race for the U.S. Senate in 2022.

Peckarsky said it’s time for a change because Senator Ron Johnson’s job is up in November 2022.

While the field is wide with 19 other candidates, 11 of whom are Democrats, Peckarsky said his resume and dedication to the community overqualifies him for the civil servant job.

He was born and raised in Milwaukee and graduated from Washington High School. He received his SB degrees in electrical engineering and political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his law degree from Case Western Reserve University.

He has worked in national security as a consultant on strategic nuclear weapons forces and platforms to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He was also an intelligence analyst for the Director of Naval Intelligence.

He said his legal work in intellectual property, antitrust, securities fraud, election law and other areas would help dissect policy and eliminate unnecessary legislation.

“To explain to a jury what’s going on in a complex high-tech case, you have to understand the technology and talk to the experts, then translate it so they understand it,” Peckarsky said.

He also added that his experience in litigation and cross-examination would be a perfect asset when interviewing candidates for federal office during Senate committee hearings.

Although he has a long list of campaign priorities, he said the right to vote was one of the main ones that needed to be addressed.

“If we don’t protect our democracy, we won’t achieve anything,” he said. “People have to agree to bring back the Free Suffrage Act to make sure this is a government, by and for the people. Which means the people decide who will lead this country on election day without any obstruction or hindrance.

Peckarsky plans to push for universal health care for all. No one should have to put their financial situation ahead of their health, he said, noting that discussions of an ambulance trip to the emergency room can be life-or-death for some people.

“If I could just snap my fingers, I’d make it happen, and that’s how it should be,” he said.

Other issues he intends to tackle include providing affordable education throughout Wisconsin and eliminating student debt.

“Student debt is a crisis. It’s something that needs to be done, but somehow people who have a high school education and those who don’t are treated fairly because it’s the future of our country that’s at stake. game,” he said.

He noted that protecting the rights of workers and farmers, as well as providing the best care for our veterans were things he wanted to work on.

While the US legislature may seem like a slow gear, he said if elected he would always put the interest of the community first.

“Things are moving a lot slower than we hoped, but it’s about what I can do for my country. If I can get in there, I’ll do my best,” he said.

Wisconsin’s primary election will be held on August 9, 2022 to determine which candidate will run in the state’s general election on November 8, 2022.

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