Meet the publishers preserving 129 years of black newspaper history in the metaverse

Publishers Mikel Collins and Lorenza Butler, Jr., one of the newspaper‘s former owners, plan to revive the more than 129-year-old collection of fragile newsprint and irreplaceable photographs. For decades, the history of Houston’s oldest black newspaper west of the Mississippi has been filed in several different places – some have been digitized and available online at the University of North Texas Libraries, the portal of Texas History and others are available by microfiche at the Gregory Elementary School Museum, and others in boxes and bound volumes. The Houston Informer and Texas Freeman – got their start as Freedmen’s Town in Houston, a resting place for newspaper clippings reference files in the pre-Google era. Today, Mikel Collins and Lorenza Butler, Jr., one of the newspaper’s former owners, plan to bring the more than 129-year-old collection of fragile newsprint and irreplaceable photographs back to life.

Lorenza Butler, Jr., spoke about her duty to document and preserve the past, and her plans for a new home for the archive with interactive avatars of every editor in Metaverse for all to see and experience. “The Houston Informer and Texas Freeman is the oldest black newspaper west of the Mississippi,” Butler said. “The Houston Informer Foundation will begin the difficult journey of archiving, for the first time, over 129 years of all known publications, institutional letters, newsletters, annual reports, as well as all personal letters between owners or legal documents regarding the Houston Informer and Texas Freeman newspaper and that they are all hosted in the same place.

The Houston Informer Foundation is currently partnered with the Rutherford BH Yates Museum to host the first exhibit in 2023, and the Freedmen’s Town Historical Conservatory to assist with an appeal to local communities for the collection of Houston Informer and Texas Freeman publications, clippings from press, and photographs. The Houston Informer Foundation will also host a series of in-person lecture series and quarterly workshops at museums, libraries, science centers, historical societies, and even online exhibits through Google celebrating the history and influence of black press, especially history and contributions. the Houston Informer and the Texas Freeman newspaper. Beyond the above, the Houston Informer Foundation will support individuals and institutions committed to advancing the understanding of how newspapers from diverse perspectives have encountered the full spectrum of their day-to-day life in Houston.

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About the Houston Inform Foundation

The Houston Informer Foundation, Inc. (HIFI) is a non-profit organization based in Houston. Its mission is the preservation of Houston Informer and Texas Freeman publications, newsletters, annual reports, institutional and personal letters between owners and legal matters:

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Rutherford B.H. Yates Museum

The RBH Yates Museum is a non-profit organization founded in 1996. It is based in Freedmen’s Town, Texas, and is the steward of six of these historic homes, including some of the largest and most recognizable that were built by the old community. leaders; it also contains five empty lots, for a total of 11 sites of archaeological significance.

Visit of the Museum by appointment only:

(713) 739-0163 | [email protected] |

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