NATO chief says war in Ukraine could last ‘years’

The war in Ukraine could last “for years”, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned in an interview published Sunday by the German daily Bild, while reiterating calls for Western countries to provide support to long term in Kyiv.

“We have to be prepared for this to last for years,” said the secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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“We must not falter in our support for Ukraine, even though the costs are high, not only in terms of military support, but also due to rising energy and food prices.”

He told Bild that the costs of food and fuel are nothing compared to those paid daily by Ukrainians on the front lines, warning that “we would have to pay an even higher price” if Russian President Vladimir Putin were to reach the Moscow’s goals in Ukraine.

Over the past week, the NATO chief has repeatedly called on members of the alliance to support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.

Reiterating his calls for NATO member countries to continue delivering arms to Kyiv, Stoltenberg said material support could increase “the likelihood that Ukraine could push Putin’s troops out of the Donbass region. “.

The Donbass region, the easternmost of Ukraine, is currently partly under the control of Russian forces.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov and other officials met with some 50 countries from the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group at NATO headquarters this week to demand an increase in arms and ammunition.

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