Newspaper delivery moves to US courier

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Beginning with Thursday’s edition, Uvalde Leader-News will switch from door-to-door delivery by carrier to US mail for subscribers living in the city.

Subscribers will continue to receive their Thursday issue through Thursday when they receive their mail. However, Sunday delivery will be delayed until Monday for most subscribers.

“We regret the need to eliminate door-to-door delivery by the carrier but it has become increasingly difficult to employ people to do the work,” said publisher Craig Garnett. “We find ourselves in a revolving door of turnover which is no longer sustainable.

According to Garnett, subscribers have the option of receiving the electronic edition of the newspaper, which goes live Thursday and Sunday mornings at 7 a.m.

More than 60 stores and vending machines throughout the city and county will continue to receive the newspaper for sale at the usual time.

To help ensure uninterrupted service, subscribers with carrier home delivery should contact Streaming Manager Pete Luna to confirm their mailing address, especially if it is different from their mailing address. Luna can be reached at 830-278-3335 or at [email protected]

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