Newspaper writer says Wales is becoming a dystopian experiment in economic quackery

A columnist for the Daily Telegraph has launched a scathing attack on the Welsh Government’s ‘buzz ideas’.

Financial columnist Matthew Lynn has hit out at the Welsh Government’s plans to run a basic income trial giving money to care leavers as well as criticizing Welsh Covid rules, funding green initiatives and proposals for a four-day work week.

He said: “Welcome to the People’s Republic of Wales. Over the past week the devolved administration in Cardiff has embarked on a series of policies that even Jeremy Corbyn would have considered a little utopian.”

It comes just days after Telegraph columnist and Boris Johnson ally Baron Frost called decentralization “nonsense”.

Lynn also took a pop at the Welsh Government Covid record adding: “After a troublesome performance in the pandemic, it looks like Wales is up to the challenge. It is carving out a niche for itself as a place where all sorts of ideas to fashion can be tried on an unsuspecting populace.

He was also apparently furious at Commissioner for Future Generations Sophie Howe’s suggestion that Wales should consider a four-day working week and the £8.1bn announced by the Welsh Government to support workers. green infrastructure over the next three years.

“All those 19-year-olds on UBI will install the new Googles and Apples once they are freed from the pressure of having to make money, while all the green investments will create such world-class expertise as Tesla will be moving its headquarters to Merthyr Tydfil just to keep up with the latest innovations,” he wrote.

“Well, maybe. In this universe, however, rather than the parallel one that Cardiff’s political class seem to inhabit, you wouldn’t want to bet your Welsh cake on it.

“In truth, the public sector will hoard free time and work even less, while basic income will simply be wasted, and green industries will be hooked on subsidies and competed with those with more incentive to succeed.

“There’s no reason Wales shouldn’t be as wealthy as Ireland, or at least Bristol. Instead, they’re dragging themselves down and dragging the UK down with them.”

At no point in speaking about Wales’ very real problems with poverty and creaking infrastructure did Mr Lynn mention that Wales was short-changed to the tune of around £5billion in relation to HS2 funding, which would be an opportunity to completely revolutionize the collapse of Wales. railway network.

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