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TAXILA: The local administration has launched a computerized domiciliation system with a one-stop shop to issue the certificate to applicants on the same day.

“There will be a one-stop operation and people seeking to get their home will get it the same day they apply after submitting all the necessary documents,” Deputy Commissioner Fazail Mudassir told a press conference on the system in Hassanabdal. Tuesday.

He said it is a step forward in delivering homes to residents of Hassanabdal tehsil in a hassle-free environment while all services and facilities will be directly controlled by the Punjab Information Technology Board Lahore to ensure transparency.

He added that the one-stop operation would save valuable time for applicants, mainly students.

Responding to a question, he said the new system would make the process efficient and user-friendly, and there would be no chance of duplication or fake domiciles being issued.

Verification, he said, would also be done online. Domicile, he said, would be issued the same day it was requested.

The best advantage of the computerized and automated system would be auditing, record keeping and proper backup.

“There will be no double homes in the future,” he added. He said the licenses of two stamp sellers had been canceled after they were found guilty during an investigation by local government and revenue department officials of unnecessary delays in issuing stamp papers. electronic stamp to house seekers.

Posted in Dawn, August 17, 2022

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