Teena Pence

Teena Pence has announced that she is running for Kosciusko County Recorder.

Pence, who has worked for the county since 2009, first as an appeals specialist in the office of the assessor and currently as a financial assistant in the office of the auditor, will run for the Republican ballot, according to a news release that she provided.

She attributes her many professional experiences to her decision to run for office, saying, “Thanks to the many skills and abilities I have acquired in my current position, such as maintaining and handling claims, grants, lawsuits, meeting minutes and tax deeds, as well as positions I held prior to coming to the county, including Principal Investigator, Legal Secretary and Medical Records Custodian, I have over 20 years of experience in legal documentation and record keeping. I believe I am a suitable candidate, not only for the experience I have to offer, but also for my commitment and dedication to providing friendly, knowledgeable and supportive service to the public. I love our community and am happy to have the opportunity to continue to serve.

Pence, who was born in Warsaw and graduated from Tippecanoe Valley High School in 1990, has two children, a granddaughter and a second grandchild due in May. She shares her life with Kenny Rogers, who also has two children and a granddaughter, whom she considers her own, according to the press release.