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Our industry is $ 1.3 billion strong; our loyalty and commitment to the community endure.

The Pennsylvania newspapers are a powerful force. Our mission today is no different from that of our predecessors: to provide essential, reliable news and information to taxpayers and residents so they can make informed decisions about their lives, families and communities. What has changed are the methods of disseminating information, still firmly entrenched in print newspapers, and extended through news websites and social media to ensure that the industry’s multifaceted reach statewide is unprecedented.

Our industry contributed $ 1.3 billion to the state’s economy in 2020, according to a recently released report commissioned by the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association, our business organization representing more than 350 members related to print, digital and business media. information statewide.

Economic analysis reveals that the national and local fiscal impact of our industry was $ 51.8 million. The numbers show that Pennsylvania newspapers are working diligently to support commerce and industry in our individual communities through media coverage and a myriad of advertising opportunities.

The vital relevance of our work is seen in the reporting.

Journalists, editors, photographers, videographers, designers and artists statewide continue to bring timely news and information to Pennsylvania residents that impacts their daily lives, including public health information. vital to the coronavirus pandemic.

They report on state election events, the economic effects of COVID-19, the launch of a new statewide police misconduct database, county funding for public defenders, and other critical and divergent issues.

Often our newsrooms work together on investigations that fulfill our role as a government watchdog.

Our commitment to the community comes from within.

Pennsylvania’s newspaper industry is made up of companies that champion the health and success of the cities, boroughs, suburbs, and rural areas where we build our homes. We are neighbors, friends, business owners, customers and community volunteers. Pennsylvania newspapers and their dedicated employees, of whom there are nearly 10,000, donated $ 3.9 million in charitable donations and contributed over 100,000 volunteer hours valued at $ 2.5 million in just 2020.

Our course is stable.

We remain the most trusted source of local and credible news, according to a Coda Ventures study. The Poynter Media Trust survey agrees, finding that the public largely trusts local reports: 73% of American adults surveyed said they trust their local newspaper, compared to 55% for national network news.

We vigorously defend and protect First Amendment rights in a Commonwealth where we provide communities with reliable news and information that helps ensure their quality of life.

As we celebrate National Newspaper Week (October 3-10) this week, our industry and our commitment to serving the needs of our fellow Pennsylvania citizens is strong as we envision a bright and healthy future.

Brad Simpson is the president of the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association.

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