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Published on August 05, 2022.

By Judy Reed

The unofficial results date from the primary on Tuesday August 2 and set the races up for November’s midterm elections. This was the first step in determining who will represent voters in the newly formed constituencies. All precincts were considered in these results except in the governor’s race, where one precinct had yet to report its numbers (as of press time Wednesday).

Kent County Commissioner

District 3: In the race for Kent County Commissioner in District 3, the winner was Republican Jennifer Merchant, with 1,708 votes, against Mark Laws, who had 1,312 votes. Merchant will contest the post against Democrat Janalee Keegstra (467 votes) in November.

District 4: Republican Katie DeBoer edged Diane Jones 3,981 to 2,457. DeBoer will face Democrat Judy Wood (2,284 votes) in November.

District 2: Democrat Rebecca Diffin (1,691 votes) and Republican Thomas Antor (4,053) ran unchallenged and will face each other in November.

State House Seats

90th State House District: Republican Bryan Posthumus defeated Republican candidate Kathy Clark with 11,005 votes to 5,656. He will face Democrat Meagan Hintz (5,824 votes) in November.

91st State House District: Democrat Tammy DeVries won 2,665 to 1,652 over her competitor Frank LaFata. She will contest the two-year seat in November against Republican Pat Outman (12,225 votes) who ran uncontested.

State Senator

33rd District: Republican Rick Outman (37,029 votes) will face Democrat Mark Bignell (12,588 votes) in November. Both ran without contest.

U.S. Representatives in Congress

2n/a District: Republican John Moolenaar won 65.22% of the vote to beat Thomas Norton 77,391 to 41,272. Moolenaar will face Democrat Jerry Hilliard (40,953 votes) in November.

3rd District: A close race in the 3rd The district led to the ousting of incumbent Republican Peter Meijer in favor of John Gibbs. Gibbs garnered 54,065 votes and Meijer 50,211. Gibbs will face Democrat Hillary Scholten (59,408 votes) in November.


In the gubernatorial race, 82 of 83 counties had submitted unofficial results as of press time Wednesday. These results showed that Republican Tudor Dixon moved away from the pack, collecting 40% of the vote. Kevin Rinke took 22%; Garret Soldano just under 18%; Ryan Kelley 15%; and Ralph Rebandt 4%. Dixon will run against Governor Whitmer in November.


Kent County Senior Services: The Kent County Elder Services Mileage Renewal passed with 95,064 yes votes and 39,400 no votes.

Kent County Veterans Services: Kent County Veterans Services Renewal increased from 103,128 to 31,201.

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