Readers help a family of newspaper distributors

Young salesman suddenly dies; citizens donate Rs 60K

Newspaper distributors are the faceless soldiers who surpass all expectations – be it rain, cold, or delays – to deliver newspapers to your door, even during testing times like these. One of these unsung heroes of the Bavdhan region, Deepak Badambe, 40, recently passed away. What makes this loss even more striking is that he left behind a young family of which he was the sole breadwinner. The good news is that the community is stepping in to help, raising over Rs 60,000 for the family with two young children (aged 6 and 9).

It’s never just a reporter or a newsroom that brings the news to the reader. The seller is an unrecognized messenger.

Residents of the Pristine Fontana company handed over a check for Rs 63,500 to Deepak Badambe’s widow, Tanishka. The ‘Pune Vruttapatra Vikreta Sangh’ covered the school fees for her two children

The people of the Pristine Fontana company got in the act and, like responsible citizens, did their part to help Badambe’s family. Tanishka Badambe, the widow of Deepak Badambe, received the check for Rs 63,500 and the “Pune Vruttapatra Vikreta Sangh” took care of the school fees of her two children.

Manohar Gole, the chairman of the housing society and other members Amol Chaudhary, Prasad Mahajan, Shital Karandikar and Sunil Fadtare, a member of the committee were present when the aid was handed over. Also present were Vijay Parge, President of Pune Vruttapatra Vikreta Sangh and other officials such as Secretary Arun Nivangune, Trustee Amit Jadhav and Sector Head Anil Shinde.

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