Rising Gas Prices Impact Daily Travel Plans

Gas prices across the country are rising rapidly and to date the average cost per gallon in Vermont has reached $4.18. Vermonters reported seeing prices ranging from $4.29 to $4.39 at gas stations over the past two days.

Montpelier’s Tom Vanmeter thinks the costs will impact day-to-day travel plans.

“Well, it’s quite expensive,” Vanmeter said. “The cost is twice as much to go anywhere now.”

Karen Bogert, who is in Vermont to visit her grandson from Juneau, Alaska, said she is going to rethink things.

“I will limit my driving due to the increased costs,” Bogert said.

During his press conference on Tuesday, Governor Phil Scott said this situation underscores our need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

“So that we don’t have to depend on the Russias of the world and the Middle East, or any other country for that matter,” Governor Scott said. “We should be able to fend for ourselves.”

AAA reports that gas rose 40 cents last month and $1.20 last year. Dan Goodman, public affairs manager for AAA Northern New England, said it’s hard to predict how far prices will go.

Vermonters are waking up to higher and higher gas prices,” Goodman said. “As of today, Vermonters are paying an average of $4.18, ten cents more than yesterday. All signs indicate that consumers will continue to see increases at the pumps. »

Goodman notes that one way drivers can save gas is to drive more efficiently.

“So when you can combine races and drive more safely,” Goodman said. “So that means when you’re on the road, try to avoid sudden stops or starts, which will help you reduce your fuel consumption.”

According to AAA, Rhode Island is seeing the biggest increase over the past week, with drivers expecting to pay $4.24 a gallon.

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