Sand Building Road talks turn to association

Alna will ask his lawyer to work with the outskirts of town along Sand Building Road, to form a road association that will include the town. The decision by Selectmen on Friday evening January 21 was aimed at solving the problem of road maintenance, which has been going on for years.

“(A partnership) makes the most logical sense and benefits everyone,” second coach Charles Culbertson said.

As with past discussions with the city, those on January 19 and 21 affected road users, including homeowners, other Alna residents looking for buckets of sand for household use, and the contractor of city ​​snow removal; and how much the city can or should pay for the maintenance of a private road. Residents also questioned the recent spending of $6,100 on the road without a council vote.

At this point, first selector Ed Pentaleri said the council and roads commissioner will need to work together when spending on roads so selectors can vote, as he said in a requested town meeting post that , he said, would hold the selectors accountable. Pentaleri added that the recent spending of road funds without a council vote was consistent with past practice and that everyone acted in good faith.

In a single vote, the council authorized, and found no irregularities, thousands of dollars in highway funds spent this fiscal year at multiple companies for multiple projects around the city. As for the road association planned for Sand Building Road, the elected officials noted that several lawyers offered it to the city as an option.

The in-person and Zoom meeting lasted two nights, after the internet was lost on Jan. 19 and the board announced it would wrap up agenda items on Jan. 21.

Also on Jan. 19, selectors retained William H. Brewer, CPA for auditing services, and thanked the Wiscasset Masonic Lodge for a $500 donation to the pantry. On January 21, the selectors decided to have work meetings on Wednesday mornings on weeks when they do not meet on Wednesday evening. Work meetings will be announced so the public can attend, but the goal is for selectors to share information with each other, plan tasks and plan agendas for regular meetings, Pentaleri said. And there may not be a Zoom link or minutes, he said.

The first working meeting is at 10 a.m. on January 26 at the municipal office. Resident Ralph Hilton said the weather will prevent people working days from attending. Pentaleri said that was a consideration and the timing could be reviewed. A morning meeting will make it easier for the council to access city staff, he said.

Following issues raised on January 5 with Holbrook Excavation’s work on the icy roads that day, Pentaleri said one truck was out of service at the time and the Woolwich company had several trucks for use at Alna. Pentaleri said he received no complaints during the January 17 storm; the city forwarded a January 19 request to Holbrook to sand the Cross Road-Golden Ridge Road intersection; the frost there may be due to a ditch that needs maintenance, Pentaleri said.

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