Santa arrives early in North Coventry for a two-year-old who is battling a rare form of cancer


Operation Nine Reindeer organizes a parade for the Rousseau family

Image via Evan Brandt, Daily Local News.

Father Christmas and Mrs. Claus with the Rousseaus.

A North Coventry township family of a two-year-old boy with cancer recently received an outpouring of love and support from the community through a spectacular parade held with the help of the non-profit organization lucrative Operation Nine Reindeer, writes Evan Brandt for the Daily local news.

Brian and Kristyn Rousseau watched with their two children as a line of Warriors Watch motorcycles, police cars, fire engines, pipers, a vintage car and a Mascaro garbage truck drove past their home.

As a bonus, perched atop a Norco Fire Company pumper were Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, making an early appearance for some heartbreaking reason.

Jack Rousseau is battling a rare form of cancer and it’s unclear if he’ll see another Christmas.

To make the day special for the boy and his family, over 100 supporters dubbing themselves “the Jackpack” took part in the special event which also included a truckload of Lani Ice and visits from Sonic the Hedgehog and a member of Paw Patrol.

Jack, his four-year-old sister and their parents received many gifts, including an envelope from Santa Claus to help pay their medical bills.

“It will always be Jack’s Christmas Eve,” Kristyn Rousseau said.

Read more about the parade in the Daily local news.

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